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Review and highlights of 2016 European Sporting season – The analysis of Martin de Graaff

Martin de Graaf
With the 2016 European Sporting Season just ended and the new one approaching, we have asked Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President and Chairman of the Sporting Council, to highlight the main achievements of all disciplines. “The successful 2016 season is a result of a good cooperation among all involved people and organisations”, stated Martin de Graaff. “A number of 9 hard working FIM Europe commissions and volunteers are busy with regulations, calendars and running of all events. “With the help of promoters, federations, organisers and FIM Europe staff members the activities took place in many European countries. And the number of participants and events is increasing. “In Road Racing the combination of FIM Europe events with FIM races is important for the European Championship. The European Superbike and Moto2 in the CEV Repsol competition ended this year with exiting races. Moto2 will be unchanged in 2017. The
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FIM Europe General Secretariat: the analysis of Alessandro Sambuco

Approaching to end of 2016, which has seen the 20th Anniversary of FIM Europe, we’ve asked the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco for an analysis of General Secreteriat, which has its headquarters at Rome, in Italy. Starting from the past, that is from the very beginning of his presence in FIM Europe - which at the times, still was called UEM. “It was the year 1999, when the Secretary General of the Italian Motorcycle Federation (where I was working since 1982), Mr. Vincenzo Mazzi, asked my professional support for the opening of the UEM Executive Secretariat in Rome”, recalls Alessandro Sambuco. “Together with others, we have therefore created a group of friends, offering their free time to set up what now has become the FIM Europe General Secretariat. This beginning was based mainly on volunteer work, due to the poor financial means at disposal. “The ability of Vincenzo Mazzi allowed to gather around him a group
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