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The FIM CEO at the FIM Europe Advanced Course in Motorcycling Management

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Steve Aeschlimann, recently appointed as FIM Chief Executive Officer, was a “special” lecturer, today, at the FIM Europe Advanced Course in Motorcycling Management, which is being held at the University “Foro Italico” of Rome, in Italy. “We are supporting all the initiatives for the education of managers involved in motorcycling, which is paramount for the FIM and we hail this initiative from FIM Europe for managers and riders, which represents an example of how a master at this level can be. In fact, it includes various aspects of management, which are important for somebody who wishes to work in this field”, Mr Aeschlimann stated. Steve Aeschlimann during his lesson at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”. “We are proud to contribute and to explain the mission of FIM to this very selected group of ‘students’. It is interesting to hear the feedback and the perception about the FIM from people who wish to
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FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council in Rome/Fiumicino (Italy)

The FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council was held today in Rome/Fiumicino (Italy) and was preceded by the four Non-Sporting Commission Meetings: “Public Affairs and Road Safety”, “Environment”, “Marketing, Promoting and Industry” and “Touring”. “We have evaluated the good work made in 2016, especially in improving our communication strategy, starting from the relaunch of the FIM Europe website, which has been completely renewed and now is very user-friendly, as well as the FIM Europe Magazine, and increasing our presence at European level”, FIM Europe Vice-President Silvio Manicardi stated. “We’ve just finished our meetings and I can inform about excellent results”. “I’m very satisfied with the results of today”, stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. “The beyond sport activities gain importance and momentum by the day and are an essential second pillar. Political decisions and legislation have an enormous impact on the sport and riding in general, so we have to be as close as
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FIM Europe at the FIM and FIVA meeting in Rome (Italy)

On January 16th at the FMI headquarter in Rome (Italy) the second meeting was held between FIM (International Motorcycling Federation)  and FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens). These meetings have the purpose to promote the collaboration between the two organisations both at World and European level. FIM Europe was present at the meeting with Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Second Deputy president. Many items have been discussed, including the possible participation to the respective events, mobility problems during the week and in town and the swapping of information to create a stronger presence of historical PTW in the political world. At the same time both organisations agreed on common ground of co-operation in order to boost touring activities with historical motorcycles. Both organisations in their specific fields agreed upon common goals, which are promotion, preservation and development of motorcycles, its related activities and the protection of the riders’ rights. From the
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2017-2019 Supercross European Championship – Call for Expression of Interest

In the photo, Romain Febvre, European EMX250 champion in 2011 and MXGP World Champion in 2015, racing at the Arnhem Supercross, in The Netherlands, last October - FIM Europe has decided to launch a tender to find a Promoter for the 2017-2019 Supercross European Championship events. This “Call for Expression of Interest” is no more than an invitation to tender and does not constitute either a contract or an offer. Those who are interested should contact the General Secretariat writing to  within March 15th 2017.
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FIM Europe activity in Public Affairs – The analysis of John Chatterton-Ross

From Sport to Touring and Commuting, from Road Safety to the developments of new “connected” vehicles: these and more topics are dealt with in an interview with Mr John Chatterton-Ross, Director of Public Affairs at FIM and FIM Europe. 2016 has seen changes in the political scene. How do you see the future for motorcycling? “Let’s start with our sport: motorcycle competition is well managed; it is a fantastic sport for our riders and spectators. It is incredibly popular with the hundreds of thousands of spectators at our events, and the millions of people who enjoy motorcycle sport on television and via other media. We should never under estimate this positive contribution to life. - Especially for those who live in troubled parts of our world. “Our sporting interests can be affected by public policy. The EU Motor Insurance Directive was not written to include motorcycle or motor sports. A decision in the
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FIM Europe Non Sporting Commissions 2016 Achievements – The analysis of Silvio Manicardi

The 2016 has been a fruitful year for the Non Sporting Commissions. We have asked Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President and Chairman of the Non Sporting Council, to recap the most important achievements. PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMISSION FIM Europe/FEMA relations “The 2016 was a very positive year regarding the FIM Europe/FEMA relationship. Some common positions on important issues have been agreed and invitation from both parties to participate to the work of respective organisations has been put in place. FEMA has been invited to the Commission meeting and FIM Europe was invited to participate to the General Assembly of FEMA. Common lobby activity has been agreed”. FIM Road Safety Award 2016   “The 2016 World award has been given to the Italian Federation, in the person of Francesca Marozza, recognising the work that in Italy has been done creating also relations with Authorities and Institutions to improve the safety for
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Review and highlights of 2016 European Sporting season – The analysis of Martin de Graaff

Martin de Graaf
With the 2016 European Sporting Season just ended and the new one approaching, we have asked Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President and Chairman of the Sporting Council, to highlight the main achievements of all disciplines. “The successful 2016 season is a result of a good cooperation among all involved people and organisations”, stated Martin de Graaff. “A number of 9 hard working FIM Europe commissions and volunteers are busy with regulations, calendars and running of all events. “With the help of promoters, federations, organisers and FIM Europe staff members the activities took place in many European countries. And the number of participants and events is increasing. “In Road Racing the combination of FIM Europe events with FIM races is important for the European Championship. The European Superbike and Moto2 in the CEV Repsol competition ended this year with exiting races. Moto2 will be unchanged in 2017. The
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FIM Europe General Secretariat: the analysis of Alessandro Sambuco

Approaching to end of 2016, which has seen the 20th Anniversary of FIM Europe, we’ve asked the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco for an analysis of General Secreteriat, which has its headquarters at Rome, in Italy. Starting from the past, that is from the very beginning of his presence in FIM Europe - which at the times, still was called UEM. “It was the year 1999, when the Secretary General of the Italian Motorcycle Federation (where I was working since 1982), Mr. Vincenzo Mazzi, asked my professional support for the opening of the UEM Executive Secretariat in Rome”, recalls Alessandro Sambuco. “Together with others, we have therefore created a group of friends, offering their free time to set up what now has become the FIM Europe General Secretariat. This beginning was based mainly on volunteer work, due to the poor financial means at disposal. “The ability of Vincenzo Mazzi allowed to gather around him a group
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