The FIM Europe (in the past UEM, Union Europèenne de Motocyclisme) is a Continental Union (CONU), recognised by FIM, that groups 47 National Federations (FMNs) and 6 Regional Motorcycling Associations together.

Like the other CONUs, FIM Europe owns the FIM sporting rights on continental championships, plus all commercial, marketing, video, etc. rights.

FIM Europe operates in conjunction with FIM also in all issues linked to the organisation of international non-sporting events held in Europe and in the general promotion of motorcycling.

The FIM Europe (in the past UEM) is a European organization acting in all matters in relation with motorcycling activities and, as such, in domains ranging from sport, tourism, leisure, environment, mobility, road safety, legislative affairs, protection and defence of the rights and interests of motorcycle users.

The FIM Europe is entitled to exercise any other power that has been entrusted to it by a decision of the Management Council or the General Assembly of the FIM which will specify in detail the terms of references and the time limit thereof.

As far as motorcycle sport is concerned, the FIM Europe is the supreme and sole European authority empowered to control European motorcycling sport activities organized under its jurisdiction throughout Europe.

The official titles of European Championships, FIM Europe Cups and any other European competitions and events in all disciplines of the motorcycle sport are the exclusive property of the FIM Europe. Consequently, the FIM Europe can impose technical and economical conditions which it judges necessary for the running of events relative to these titles.

The FIM Europe is the sole owner of all television, radio, video cassettes, marketing, advertising, merchandising, promotional, licensing and any other rights for the European Championships and Cups.

The aims of the FIM Europe are to develop and promote all forms of motorcycling in Europe as well as the co-operation and friendship between its members, and notably:

  • to examine all questions related to the development of motorcycling in Europe;
  • to organize European Championships and to establish all competitions that appear beneficial;
  • to co-operate with the FIM in all matters relating to the organization of international events and motorcycling in general;
  • to organize camps and seminars for riders, officials, coaches and administrators of various FIM Europe Members;
  • to support the creation and development of motorcycling activities in all European countries;
  • to promote the co-operation among all European FMNs;
  • to promote motorcycling among young people, both as sport and motorcycling in general;
  • to encourage the use of motorcycles in European countries and to develop motorcycle tourism;
  • to represent the interests of motorcyclists before European authorities;
  • to promote in the media the sport of motorcycling and the use of motorcycles in all of Europe.