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FIM Europe at the European Parliament in Brussels

 From the left, Martin de Graaff, Dr. Wolfgang Srb, Wim van de Camp (Member of European Parliament), Jos Driessen (FIM Board Member). Below, from the left, Driessen, van de Camp, Dr Srb and de Graaff

Mr Martin de Graaff was instrumental to arrange a meeting between Mr Wim van de Camp and FIM Europe at the European Parliament in Brussels. The  meeting took place on 2nd February at the premises of the European Parliament. Mr Wim van de Camp is a well-respected Member of the European Parliament since 2009 (member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism – – PPE coordinator -, substitute member of the Committee on International Trade and the Committee on Budgetary Control, and member of the Delegation for relations with the People’s Republic of China) and also a very well-known and most enthusiastic motorcyclist.IMG2_030217
FIM Europe was represented by President Dr. Wolfgang Srb and Mr Martin de Graaff, 1st Deputy President; also present was FIM Board Member (and former FMB President and Belgian lawyer) Mr Jos Driessen. The meeting was held in a most friendly atmosphere and various topics have been discussed, like the evaluation of the 3rd driving license directive, E-Call – Connected Intelligent Transport Systems, General Traffic Safety Challenges, Insurance (“VNUK case”), Electrical and Urban Mobility, BREXIT, Import of cheap PWT´s from outside of Europe.
“I am very happy about the meeting with Mr Wim van de Camp, who – as an experienced and long term motorcyclist  – understands our issues very, very well. In his position as a MEP he is well informed about international and European policies that have influence on riding in general and sport in particular”, stated Dr. Wolfgang Srb. “Sport is our core business and on that field our Federations carry out an excellent job; however, the “second pillar” of our activities like public affairs, road safety, the presence in Brussels and political lobbying gets more and more important. It is my firm believe that we have to be close to legislation and decisions that have substantial influence on motorcycling and riding, on-road as well as off-road.
“Let me also underline the importance of our cooperation with organisations like ACEM and FEMA. We do not need to invent the wheel just another time but rather join forces to face the challenges of tomorrow”, concluded Dr. Srb.IMG1_030217
 From the left, Jos Driessen, Dr. Wolfgang Srb, Martin de Graaff, Wim van de Camp  and Turi Fiorito, Policy Advisor of Wim van de Camp