Ice Racing

Ice Racing

Individual Ice Speedway European Championship

Individual Ice Speedway European Championship On Sunday 13th December the Individual Ice Speedway European Championship took place at the beautiful new Arena Lodowa in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland. The race, originally scheduled on March, has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak and yesterday was raced behind closed doors following to the Covid-19 governments restrictions, but live broadcast on NC+. Excellent ice conditions enabled very competitive racing with the Russian Dmitrii Solyannikov who got the title in a hard-fought night race. Russian riders confirmed their dominant position in this discipline in a duel of 17 riders from eight different countries. Final standing: Dmitrii Solyannikov, Russia Konstantin Kolenkin, Russia Nikita Toloknov, Russia
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Ice Racing

Tomaszów Mazowiecki hosts the Individual Ice Speedway European Championship

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Tomaszów Mazowiecki hosts the Individual Ice Speedway European Championship The wait is over. The Individual Ice Speedway European Championship will be held on December 13 at 4.30 pm in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland, and the competition will be live broadcast by nSport. In the Arena Lodwa, representatives of 10 countries will compete for the highest prizes – Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and, of course, Poland. The hosts will be represented by Michał Knapp. Starting list: 1. Martin HAARAHILTUNEN (Sweden)
2. Luca BAUER (Italy)
3. Konstantin KOLENKIN (Russia)
4. Lukas HUTLA (Czech Republic)
5. Michał KNAPP (Poland)
6. Johan WEBER (Germany)
7. Franz ZORN (Austria)
8. Dmitrij SOLIANNIKOV (Russia)
9. Jasper IWEMA (Netherlands)
10. Benedikt MONN (Germany)
11. Andrej DIVIŠ (Czech Republic)
12. Stefan SVENSSON (Sweden)
13. Atte SUOLAMMI (Finland)
14. Philip LAGEDER Philip (Switzerland)
15. Nikita TOLOKNOV (Russia)
16. Aki ALA-RIIHIMĂKI (Finland)
17. Jiri WILDT (Czech Republic)
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Snowcross European Championship: Filip Öhman rules the competition

Snowcross European Championship: Filip Öhman rules the competition The FIM Europe Snowcross Championship took place on 4th April in Bodens Travbana, Sweden, in a partly cloudy day with cold temperatures. On the 740m long track Filip Öhman was the most impressive once the racing started taking the lead of Final 1 from the first lap and never losing the position before finishing nearly 20 seconds ahead of second place rider Jens Vikman. Final 2 was led by Robert Lunden for most of the time but with 4 laps of 16 remaining he dropped to 4th handing the lead to Öhman. After holding on to the inherited lead for the final laps Öhman took the race by 4 seconds and the overall championship win with the maximum 50 points! 2nd overall went to Jens Vikman and Gustav Salomonsson took 3rd.
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The first FIM-Europe European Snowbikecross Cup was held in Russia

The first FIM-Europe European Snowbikecross Cup was held in Russia On 2nd March the Ski Center “Gora Belaya” (Nizhny Tagil) hosted the first European Snowbikecross Cup. Previously, such competitions have never been held on the European continent, so this location became the center of the gathering of riders from all over Europe. 30 athletes from 8 countries took part in the competition, including Russia, Germany, Belarus, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The competition consisted of two stages and the winner is Artem Iurchuk (from Russia) according to a double third position. Anton Pestov and Toms Macuks got the 2nd and 3rd place respectively. In the top five the Spanish Alfredo Gomes and the Russian Oleg Bibikov too. Thanks to the track built under the FIM Europe regulations and standards, no rider got hurt in race, also due to the flawless work of the flag marshals who promptly worked in
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European Individual Ice Speedway Championship in Ufa (Russia)

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  The event was held last week-end in in Ufa, Russia and was organized in very high level under and excellent winter weather with a temperature of about - 8 C. 4500 spectator attended the event and enjoyed the fight which saw that Russian riders  on top but FMI  Lukas Bauer and KNMV  Jesper Iwema riders were very near to got the title. It was necessary to have a rerun for third and fourth place between those two riders and Lukas won third place before Jasper. The meeting was interesting to the very last heat with a hard fight in very good ice and the Final A, which took place the Saturday, was also “ The Memorial Heat Gabdrahman Kadyrov ”. Gabdrahman Kadyrov won the first two European Championships in 1963, 1964 and has been Ice Speed ​​World Champion in 1966, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1972 and 1973. Sergey Makarov wins the 2019 European Ice Speedway European Championship. He was followed in
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European Snowcross in Demino (Russia) -  Cancellation

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The start of one of the races held last year in Demino (Russia) The Russian Motorcycling Federation MFR announces that the race of European Snowcross Championship scheduled in Demino, Russia, on March 19th, has been cancelled due to mild weather conditions. The torrential rains of the latest days, in fact, swept away snow day by day and the weather forecasts for February and the beginning of March are not encouraging.
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Vasil Kosov new Ice Racing European Champion

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The Ice Racing European Championship was held in Assen with a very good formula of a Semi Final on Saturday and the Final races on Sunday. The first 8 riders of the Semi Final were placed for the Final on Sunday. Vasili Kosov (MFR), Antti Akko (SML) and Franky Zorn (OeAMTC) took place on the podium. For the last Final place a run-off was necessary between Per Anders Lindström (SVEMO) and Martin Leitner (OeAMTC), with Lindström managing to place. This was also the case for the first reverse rider. Fredrik Olsson(SVEMO) was the fastest. Besides the 8 qualified riders from the Semi Final the other 8 riders have been placed by their respective FMN's. 16 riders started on Sunday with very exciting heats, the spectators could see breathtaking heats with the best riders. No re-start were necessary, so it was a very save event under good ice circumstances and beautiful
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