Superenduro European Championship in Hungary

The second FIME Super Enduro Cup was held last weekend at  Papp László Sportaréna, just 2 km from Budapest city center together with the FIM World Championship.

There were almost 8500 spectators with a full arena in the evening.
The weather was quite cold, just some degrees over the zero and the organisers worked very well.
In the European Cup there were 23 rider from 11 federation and in FIM Junior and FIM Prestige class were 37 riders in total.
European Cup riders were split in two groups A and B and these groups had separate practice at 11:30 and 11:40. Same groups had a Time Practice (qualification) at 13:42 and 13:52. From Time Practice 10 best riders got a final place. For not-qualified riders there was Last Change race 14:50 where best 4 got a final place and next 2 was reserve riders.
First European Cup final was 18:35 and start order was a qualification order.
Tyen Winner was Robert SCHARL from Germany and he had a lead in every lap. Second was Thomas HOSTINSKY from Slovakia and he also keep his position in every lap. Third was Tom KNIGHT from Great Britain and he had to make a little bit more work for this position, 1st lap – 10th , 2nd lap – 8, 3rd lap – 5 and from lap 4 to finish at position 3.
Second European Cup final was 19:24 and  with reverse starting order. Normally this means “more action” on track and this was a situation also in this final.
Winner was Tom KNIGHT but he got a leading place just two laps before the finish. Second was Paul Bury from France and third was Thomas HOSTINSKY who had a lead in first 6 laps but had problems at last two laps.
After the second and last race was a price giving ceremony for best three rider and they were, winner Tom KNIGHT – 35 points, second Thomas HOSTINSKY – 32 points and third Robert SCHARL – 31 points.
Full results on FIM Europe website: