First Snowmobile Tour-Assistant Seminar in Finland

Finnish Motorcycling Federation (SML) 
held the first Snowmobile Tour Assistant Seminar in Rovaniemi
On the 7th-9th February 2019, the first Snowmobile Tour Assistant and Safety Seminar was held in Rovaniemi /Finland, perfectly organized by the Finnish Motorcycling Federation (SML). The goal of this Seminar was to start developing the guidelines and education for the Snowmobile Tour Assistants and Club Members, who are arranging snowmobile safaris and adventures, including the commercial safari entrepreneurs.
Eight Members of the Finnish Club LaMK took part in the first seminar, whose Head Instructor was Mr. Jukka Lainkari, Member of the FIM Europe Touring Commission and also Member of SML Board. “The main goal is to build an education based on the FIM Europe Moto-Tour Assistant Training Courses, but of course in terms of snowmobiles, which means that the contents differ a lot from the motorcycle world” commented Mr. Lainkari. “Safety is the main issue, but the Seminar will also cover a variety of different, equally important issues”.
Besides Mr. Lainkari, there were also two other instructors, Mr. Reijo Suopanki and Mr. Markku Mettänen, who helped to achieve the above-mentioned goals.
“There will be other Tour Assistant Seminars in future and SML will add the Snowmobile Seminar as a part of its daily education routines, in order to develop safety and professionalism of the snowmobile safaris and adventures” said SML President, Mr. Tapio Nevala, adding that “Especially the safety of riders and customers is the most important thing that we try to develop”.
If you want to learn more about the Snowmobile Tour Assistant Seminar, please contact the Finnish Motorcycling Federation (SML) at