SEC: Final 2 in Germany

SEC: Final 2 in Germany

Final 2 for the SEC, the Speedway European Championship in Güstrow, Germany.
Janusz Kołodziej won the 2nd round, Patryk Dudek took second place, while Daniel Bewley was third.
Janusz Kołodziej brought home a set of points from as many as four of the five races he rode. This gave the Pole a handicap at the end of the regular phase, when he, Leon Madsen and Patryk Dudek each had 12 points. Kołodziej directly advanced to the finals, along with Madsen, who was pushed by a win in race 9 against the popular “Duzers”.
In the last chance race, Patryk Dudek and Daniel Bewley used the advantages of the outer starting fields. Mikkel Michelsen fought for a pass to the final until the very end but passed the finish line as third. The defending Individual European Champion eventually took fifth place in the final classification.
Daniel Bewley showed his best side in Güstrow. Thanks to his excellent performance in the second part of the tournament, he appeared in the last chance run, which he won. The Briton finished the final run behind Kołodziej and Dudek.
The home fans were disappointed by German representatives Michael Härtel and Kai Huckenbeck, who finished twelfth and thirteenth, respectively.
This was also not the best round of last year’s tournament winner in Güstrow Piotr Pawlicki. He scored 6 points and finished the show on the tenth position.

Final classification:

1. Janusz Kołodziej – 12 (3,0,3,3,3)

2. Patryk Dudek – 12 (3,2,2,3,2).

3. Daniel Bewley – 11 (1,3,1,3,3)

4. Leon Madsen – 12 (2,3,3,2,2)

5. Mikkel Michelsen – 11 (2,3,1,2,3)

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