European Team Speedway Championship: Denmark and Sweden rule Final A and B

European Team Speedway Championship:
Denmark and Sweden rule Final A and B

Pictures copyright: Jarek Pabijan

Team Denmark and Team Sweden raced to a thrilling win as the 2024 European Team Speedway Championship got off to a dramatic opening in Final A and Final B of the season last weekend in the Czech Republic and in Poland.

Final A

In a display that met expectations, Denmark’s squad took a decisive win in Pardubice, perfect set for Final A in the Czech Republic. Leading the pack, Mads Hansen stood out as the event’s highest scorer, dropping just a single “point”, with Matic Ivačič being the sole competitor to outpace him. Close behind, Michael Michelsen and Anders Thomsen nearly achieved perfect scores, with the latter notably securing his points across only three heats. In a similar vein, Bastian Pedersen, also competed in three heats, gathering four points.

Finishing in the runner-up position, the home team from the Czech Republic saw Václav Milík at the forefront, amassing 12 points over six heats. Zdeněk Schneiderwind’s strategy to make a tactical switch by substituting Jan Macek with a Cellfast Wolves Krosno rider demonstrated a valiant effort though it didn’t clinch victory. Jan Kvěch’s performance was consistently strong, always crossing the finish line in second place, significantly aiding his team’s success. Adam Bednář added to the team’s achievements with 9 points from five starts, bolstering his status as a hopeful prospect among Czech supporters.

The Norwegian team, participating for the first time in this competition, claimed the third-place position on the podium, with Mathias Pollestad playing a pivotal role. Pollestad remarkably earned more points than his teammates combined and was the only participant from Norway to win a heat, doing so on two occasions. Matic Ivačič, previously with Unia Tarnów, also made his mark by engaging in direct competition with his adversaries and earning 10 points.

Top three

  1. Denmark, 49 points
  2. Czech Republic, 33 p.
  3. Norway, 23 p.

Final B

Intense day of racing for Final B of the 2024 European Team Speedway Championship. In Gdansk, Poland, Team Sweden secures a strong victory putting in a domination race. Jacob Thorsell and Kim Nilsson set the best results of the day ahead of Andzejs Lebedevs from Latvia, who ensure the second position to his team at the end of a thrilling fight until the end against Team Germany.

Top three

  1. Sweden, 42 points
  2. Latvia, 31 p.
  3. Germany, 27 p.

The Grand Final of the European Team Speedway Championship will take place in Grudziądz, Poland, on the 6th of April.

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