Enduro European Championship: Lorenzo Macoritto and Pietro Scardina win at season opener in Italy

Enduro European Championship:
Lorenzo Macoritto and Pietro Scardina win at season opener in Italy

The 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship kicked off in Fabriano, Italy, offering a stunning backdrop to the racing at round one. Providing typically Italian terrain, the special tests ensured challenging trails, with a 7 km long Enduro Test, a slippery Cross Test and a stony Extreme Test.

Day 1
Italian rider Lorenzo Macoritto (Fantic) ruled the whole day getting the overall win with a 20-second gap on Matej Skuta (Beta), second, and the young Pietro Scardina (Fantic), third.
Scardinia also won the Youth class, tying in second position the French Romain Dagna and in third compatriot Luca Colorio (Husqvarna).
The Junior 1 winner was Riccardo Fabris (Husqvarna), while Skuta won the Junior 2.
German flag waved on E1 podium: Andreas Beier (Beta) got the best class time ahead of Aleksander Bracik (Rieju) and Riccardo Celesti (Fantic).
Lorenzo Bazzurri (Husqvarna) triumphed in the E2 thanks to an 8-second lead over Frenchman Killian Irigoyen (Husqvarna) and the British Alex Walton (GasGas).
Lorenzo Macoritto won the E3 class, while Maurizio Micheluz (Husqvarna) the Senior 40 European Cup and Tanja Schlosser (Beta) the Women.
In the 50cc Trophy Matteo Fersini (Valenti) topped, while in the Trade Team class won Diligenti Racing (Maurizio Micheluz, David Abgrall, Luca Colorio, Jacopo Traini).

Day 2
The Overall saw Pietro Scardina, Luca Colorio and Lorenzo Macoritto battle for the first position. The three Italians competed for the overall victory until the last corner of the Extreme Test. In the end, Pietro Scardina prevailed, for a few seconds.
Pietro Scardina won the Youth class ahead of Luca Colorio and of French rider Marin Dagna.
Italian riders ruled Junior classes: another win for Riccardo Fabris in the Junior 1 class and Lorenzo Bernini won the Junior 2.
Double win for Andreas Beier too, who ruled Day 2 of the E1 after an amazing Saturday. Behind him Alessandro Di Gregorio and Aleksander Bracik.
In E2 Killian Irigoyen took first place after Alex Walton lost the first position due to a penalty.
Another win for Lorenzo Macoritto in E3 class, always ahead of David Abgrall.
Maurizio Micheluz won again the Senior 40 European Cup, again according to Nico Rambow as Riccardo Chiappa closes the podium.
The hard-fought women’s class saw Vilde Marie Holt won ahead of German Tanja Schlosser and Joana Goncalves.
The 50 cc Trophy saw its champion being crowned at the end of the day: Yuri Lombardo was on the highest step of the podium, while Matteo Fersini second and Manuel Savi third.


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