Trial European Championship: Swedish round awards the 2023 champions

Trial European Championship:
Swedish round awards the 2023 champions

The third and last round of the Trial European Championship was raced in Ale, Sweden.

An important weekend for the series as after the race in Italy at the beginning of July and last week’s competition in Norway, the Swedish round crown the 2023 Champions.

Once more almost 130 riders took part at the event for a weekend of fight and excitement, proving the success of this European Championship.

First in the standings with a lead of 60 points, French rider Teo Colario moved from Norway to Sweden confident in the fight for the title. With two triumphs in the previous rounds, his goal should be to keep on the race for the gold medal, but he had not reckoned with home hero Jarand Matias Vold Gunvaldsen. The Swedish rider performed well in front of his home fans and ruled the weekend taking two outstanding victories ahead of German Paul Reumschussel and Noè Petralli. With a double third position Colario took 140 points, while Vold Gunvaldsen 200 points: finishing tied on points and with the same win, second and third positions, the double win in the last round allow Paul Reumschussel to grab the title. Silver medal for Colario and bronze for Swiss rider Petralli.

In the Junior Cup category, the fight for the title was a matter between Swedish rider Sander Bjoraa and Italian Giacomo Brunisso. They both took a win, but P6 on Sunday and a good advantage in the standings were enough for Brunisso to become Champion. Bjoraa had to settle with the second final position ahead of Noel Johansson.

Dan Clark confirmed his leadership in the Over 40 Cup and was crowned European Champion. The British rider got one win and one second position, the same result of Finnish rider Jussi Haapanen, second in the standings. Third position for Staffan Floessel, double third this weekend.

In the Women Championship one win each for British Kaytlyn Adshead and Italian Alessia Bacchetta, but British rider Alice Minta managed to take the European title thanks to P3 on Saturday, P2 on Sunday and the good performances in the previous rounds.

Thrilling season finale in the Youth Class too, with an all-German fight. Fabio Sacht and Johannes Heidel finished tied on points: with two win each, Sacht took the title thanks to three second positions. Bronze medal for Echene Pablo.

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