Trial European Championship: round one in Italy

Trial European Championship:
round one in Italy

The Italian landscape of Sefro was the perfect setting for the first round of the Trial European Championship.

Over 100 riders took part to the race, hold over the weekend of 3-4 June. It has been a highly anticipated event, perfectly organised by the Moto Club Camerino with 15 race zones in 3 different locations around the city.

The winners
Trial European Championship – Teo Colairo (Beta), ITA
Junior Cup – Giacomo Brunisso (Beta), ITA
Over 40 Cup – Dan Clark (Beta), GBR
Youth European Championship – Johannes Heidel (TRRS), GER
Women European Championship – Andrea Sofia Rabino (Beta), ITA

The 2023 season has 3 rounds: after Sefro there will be the race in Norway at Hobøl Motorklubb (12-13 August) and the final round in Sweden in Gothenburg (19-20 August).

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