European Motoball Champions Cup: Kuppenheim clinched the title

European Motoball Champions Cup:
Kuppenheim clinched the title

The nice city of Troyes, located in the heart of France, played host to the much-anticipated third and final round of the European Motoball Champions Cup. As the sun set over the stadium, eager fans gathered to witness the adrenaline-pumping spectacle that is Motoball, a unique blend of football and motorcycle racing. Three-day event showcased exhilarating matches, passionate fans and the sheer athleticism of the participating teams. More than 5.000 fans were supporting their teams during the event.


Day 1

Suma Troyes – Kretinga 9 : 4

In a thrilling encounter that pitted French powerhouse Suma Troyes against Lithuanian champions Kretinga, fans were treated to an electrifying display of skill, determination, and heart-pounding action. The European Motoball Champions Cup clash ended with a commanding victory for Suma Troyes, who emerged triumphant with a final score line of 9-4.

The game between Kretinga and Suma Troyes was a showcase of exceptional Motoball skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Suma’s dominant performance secured them a well-deserved victory, while Kretinga displayed resilience and determination throughout the game. Full stadium of fans was treated to an exciting spectacle of Motoball action. As the teams leave the arena, they can take pride in the display of their young talents and the indomitable spirit they brought to the pitch.

Day 2

Puma Kuppenheim – Kretinga  16 : 1

Puma Kuppenheim wasted no time asserting their dominance, with an early two goals in the opening minutes. The German club’s skilful ball control and strategic positioning allowed them to maintain possession for the majority of the game. Their aggressive attacks caught the Lithuanian defense off-guard, resulting in a series of quick-fire goals that left Kretinga reeling.

All the game Puma Kuppenheim maintained their relentless pace, not letting up on their attacking strategies. Their impeccable teamwork and precision passing allowed them to carve through Kretinga’s defense, consistently finding gaps to exploit. The Lithuanian side struggled to match the German club’s speed and coordination, resulting in a barrage of goals that padded Puma Kuppenheim’s lead.

Suma Troyes – Puma Kuppenheim     3 : 5

The European Motoball Champions Cup clash between French club Suma Troyes and German club Puma Kuppenheim was nothing short of a thrilling spectacle, as both teams battled it out on the field in a game that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the very end. The match took place in front of an electrifying crowd at Gaston Arbouin, and the final score line of 3-5 in favor of Puma Kuppenheim reflected the intense competition witnessed over the course of four intense quarters, each lasting 20 minutes.

From the moment the referee’s whistle blew to signal the start of the match, it was evident that both teams were eager to stamp their authority on the game. The first quarter witnessed a frenetic pace, with players from both sides showing off their Motoball skills and manoeuvring their motorbikes with finesse. The offensive efforts of Suma Troyes and Puma Kuppenheim were relentless, resulting in a series of near misses and incredible saves by the respective goalkeepers.

Day 3 (Final)

Suma Troyes – Puma Kuppenheim     6 : 0

The much-anticipated European Motoball Champions Cup final between Suma Troyes and Puma Kuppenheim took place amidst roaring excitement and a packed stadium. The two powerhouse teams battled fiercely for the coveted championship title, with Puma Kuppenheim emerging as the victors with a dominant 6-0 victory over Suma Troyes.

The match began with both teams displaying a high level of intensity, determined to gain an early advantage. Puma Kuppenheim showcased their strong offensive prowess, testing the defensive skills of Suma Troyes.

The game took an unexpected turn during the second quarter when a chilling crash occurred between Puma player Jannis Schmitt and Suma player Jérémy Colier. The collision left Colier with an unfortunate hand injury, leading to a brief pause in the match as medical personnel rushed to attend to the injured player. The incident served as a stark reminder of the risks associated with the high-speed nature of Motoball.

The third quarter was marked by an eventful moment as Suma Troyes’ Sébastien Mayeur was shown a red card for unsportsmanlike behaviour, leaving his team with three players on the field. This put Suma Troyes at a further disadvantage and allowed Puma Kuppenheim to capitalize on the numerical superiority.

The final quarter saw Puma Kuppenheim sealing their dominance over the match. Despite a valiant effort from Suma Troyes to stage a comeback, Puma’s solid strategic play prevented any breakthroughs. Puma Kuppenheim secured an impressive 6-0 victory and clinching the European Motoball Champions Cup.

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