Trial European Championship: round 3 on iconic Isle of Man

Trial European Championship:
round 3 on iconic Isle of Man

Pictures copyrights: Leah Robinson, Jennie Jansson, Magnus Liljeblad

The third round of the Trial European Championship took place on the iconic Isle of Man, in Great Britain. A fantastic race with good weather and a beautiful scenery, with all the sections just by the beach. The soil is mostly volcanic rocks which make grip very good: the sections level was very good in all the classes.

Day 1
First off from the paddock was the International Women Class. It was a battle for the win between the Manx rider Summer Peters and the British Holly Dixon. In the end Summers took the win.
In the Youth International the British Harrison Lightfoot started out best leading after the first lap, but the Italian rider Etienne Giacuzzo finally took the win with only 1 mark, making very good laps 2 and 3.
In the Youth Championship, the leader George Hemmingway started with a knock out on the first lap with only 1 mark lost and after the last lap he took a comfortable win. Big fight for the other steps of the podium between 3 riders: Xurxo Neo (Spain), Jonathan Heidel (Germany) and Jonas Jørgensen (Norway). It was a fight until the last section: Neo finished 2nd and Jørgensen 3rd.
In the Women Championship, there were all top riders from championship so far. Naomi Monnier (France) started best with only 1 mark lost at the first lap, ahead of Vivian Wachs (Germany) on 4 and the Manx favourite Katlyn Adshead on 6. On lap 2 Adshead made a clean lap. After lap 2 Katlyn was in the lead with Monnier 2nd and Denisa Pechakova (Czech Republic) 3rd, just 1 mark ahead of Vivian. On lap 3 both Adshead and Pechakova took 1 and Naomi 5. The final result was a win for Adshead ahead of Monnier and Pechakova.

Day 2
In the over 40 Class the big favourite Dan Clark started the day with two failures in the first two sections. The Finnish Staffan Floessel was leading after the first lap, but Clark sorted everything out and learn of his mistakes. He only took 1 mark on lap 2 and no marks in lap 3 for another safe win in front of Floessel and Roman Vandas (Czech Republic) 3rd.
Sunday’s race saw Saturday Women winner, Katlyn Adshead, on top of the podium in the International Class with the same marks as Chris Madigan, but with more cleans.
The Junior Class was very tight with a lot of riders in only a few marks. The winner Max Sundberg (Sweden) had his first podium of the year, after missing the 2nd round due to sickness. The Polish championship leader finished 2nd and Andreas Jørgensen (Norway) third.
European Championship’s riders make a very interesting competition. On the first lap Jarand M. Gunvaldsen (Norway) and Pau Martinez (Spain) were in the lead with 4 marks lost but with Jonathan Heidel (Germany) 6th and Marco Mempör (Austria) and Harry Hemmingway (UK) 7th. On lap 2 Martinez took 2 and was leading with 6 marks, Mempör clean the whole lap and advanced to 2nd with 7 and Harry with 8 marks lost. On lap 3 the top 3 riders only lost 1 mark each, keeping the standings from lap 2 with Martinez as winner, Mempör 2nd and Hemmingway 3rd.

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