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Sharing Motorcycling

Sharing Motorcycling

Sharing an experience is an opportunity to get to know yourself and others better, getting in tune and generating ideas and solutions. What could be better than sharing the passion for motorcycles with colleagues, making sure that this makes a job or in any case a professional commitment return to being a passion?

For some time at FIM Europe we have been trying to encourage this sharing by creating opportunities for those who manage our 47 National Federations and for our Officials to be together.

With the occasion of a Test Ride, BMW Motorrad Rome created another opportunity for us to share an on the road experience with some of the participants in the meetings of the FIM Europe Beyond-Sporting Commissions which were held in Fiumicino on Saturday January 14th.

It is thus that on an unexpectedly beautiful day, not too cold, a group, accompanied by some members of the Motoclub Roma, had the opportunity to share a tour in the mountainous border area between Lazio and Abruzzo on an itinerary of about 250km.

Thanks therefore to BMW Motorrad Rome and its Dealer Operator Giovanni Tardani for the opportunity created and to the friends of the Motoclub Roma for sharing the experience.

We remain certain that this moment of sharing can only lead to an improvement in the climate of collaboration among those who work for a better motorcycling in our European continent.

From the left:  Rodolfo Romeo and Gianfranco Ciatoni (MC Roma), Virginijus Visockis and Ingrida Visockiene (Lithuania), Maurizio Di Tonno (MC Roma), Jesper Christensen (Sweden) Alessandro Sambuco (FIM Europe), Giovanni Tardani (BMW Motorrad), Panagiotis Kalaitzis (Greece), Fausto Paoloni (MC Roma), Jukka Lainkari (Finland).