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FIM Europe Beyond Sporting Commissions’ Meetings

FIM Europe Beyond Sporting Commissions’ Meetings

FIM Europe Beyond Sporting Commissions’ Meetings took place yesterday, January 14th, in Fiumicino (Rome) at the presence of the FIM Europe President Michal Sikora, the 2st Deputy President Roy N. Wetterstad, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco together with Silvia Monatti and Andrea Diamantini, responsible for beyond sporting matters in the office.
A great opportunity to meet and discuss face to face current topics and future plans after the last official meetings at Bucharest’s Congress in July 2022.
At the end of the meetings the chairmen came together to point out the outcome of the meetings to the President and the Chairman of the Beyond Sporting Council, Roy N. Wetterstad.

Michal Sikora, FIM Europe President
“We started new year with Beyond Sporting Commission meetings. In sunny Fiumicino three commission had met yesterday. We had a chance to discuss some very important topics like noise issues, environmental protection or touring events. I think all members had a good day discussing their favourite subjects”.



Roy N. Wetterstad, 2nd Deputy President
“It was a good experience to meet in the commissions for the first time. I am looking forward to work with dedicated and passionate members of the commissions. In the beyond sport area, we have a lot of important challenges in supporting sports and activities, and to work for our interests towards society, politics and market. Our teams seem to be ready for dealing with their tasks”.

From left: Panagiotis Kalaitzis, Dimitris Margaritis, Roy N. Wetterstad , Michal Sikora, Grażyna Makowska.

Environment Commission
After the Congress in Bucharest the commission met twice at zoom meetings. In Fiumicino was the occasion to meet face to face. One of the main topics was the project dedicated to the education of young riders, together with the seminars for European environmental stewards to get the FIM Europe licence. The Commission also would like to explore possibilities to start the work with the FIM to use its checklist in the future.

Grażyna Makowska, Chairwoman Environment Commission
“We had a very good meeting with many interesting and creative discussions. We will continue our project to educate young riders. We also prepare the program for the seminars for European environmental stewards to get the FIM Europe licence. Such seminars could be organised on request of the federations”.

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Touring Commission
In the Touring Commission several interesting ideas came up at the end of a brainstorming session. All of them will be soon put to the administration for evaluation and realization. The main axes of the Touring Commission were reconfirmed:
• the Tour Assistants program, which is going to expand from one to three days;
• the FIM Europe Club Experience Meeting, to be held in N.E. Italy in late September (26th-29th);
• the FIM Europe Club Lapland Experience 2023 – from March 14th to 18th.

Panagiotis Kalaitzis, Chairman Touring Commission
“All in all, it was a very good and productive meeting. It was great, after the pandemic, to meet live again in Fiumicino, see each other and confer on our touring objectives”.

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Public Affairs Commission
The committee had a full agenda, as always, of several interesting topics related to legislation/regulations at European level, the progress of projects funded by FIM and important events that plans to organize or contribute to.

Dimitris Margaritis, Chairman Public Affairs Commission
“Even though we are a small group of people, we have the competencies and experience to undergo effort demanding tasks. We have had fruitful discussions leading to actions and initiatives that are beneficial to FIM Europe and motorcycling. Electromobility dominated our discussion and we have decided to show to politicians and the public that PTWs are going electric too!”.

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