NMC Stockholm Arlanda october 2023
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2023 Nordic Meeting

2023 Nordic Meeting From left: Ville Salonen (SML Secretary General), Rusne Jankunaitè (LMSF Secretary General), Tonu Seil (EMF Sport Director), Tony Isaksen (NMF Secretary General), Giedre Leskauskiene (LMSF President), Martin Jarl (Svemo Secretary General), Anna Wilhelmsson (Svemo Coordinator), Robert Svensson
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FIM Europe News

Sad passing of Massimo Sironi

Sad passing of Massimo Sironi The FIM Europe is saddened to inform about the passing of Massimo Sironi after two though years of fight against a disease. He has been part of the FIM Europe Family from 2008 to 2018
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Yamaha YZ bLU-cRU 65cc-85cc-125cc Cup

Yamaha YZ bLU-cRU 65cc-85cc-125cc Cup: Maymann and Gordon do it for Denmark with YZ85 and YZ65 victories, while Mancini puts on a masterclass to win the YZ125 From left: Yamaha Motor Europe Marketing Motorsport Director's Paolo Pavesio, Infront Moto Racing CEO
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