EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship: South West and South East Zone – Semi Final

EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship:
South West and South East Zone – Semi Final

Pictures copyright: Marius Dincă (Romanian Motorcycling Federation)

The first Semi Final of the EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship was hosted by Romania with the flawless organization of the Romanian Motorcycle Federation. Zărnești welcomed the best riders of the South West and South East Zone: the traditional Romanian motocross track was well prepared by the Jitsu Zărnești Club for the youngsters of South Europe, who were ready to chase the dream of qualifying to the prestigious Loket Final that will be held in July.


Italian rider Andrea Uccellini (Husqvarna) from SW zone managed to win both races. In Race 1 he started from P3 going after two French riders: Kenzo Ferez (KTM), who was leading, and SW zone leader Leo Diss-Fenard (KTM) in second place. By lap 5, Uccellini was second and next lap he moved into first place opening quite a gap. By the end of the race, Ferez was relegated to P4, while Italian Edoardo Riganti (Husqvarna) finished third.

In Race 2 Uccellini took the holeshot and led the whole race until the end, mastering the technical track of Zărnești and winning the overall with maximum points. Second in the last race and also for the overall the Italian Riganti, who managed to edge French rider Diss-Fenard into the third step of the overall podium.



Croatian Roko Ivandici (KTM) from SW zone took the holeshot of both races and won by a great margin, clearly making a statement that he is going all-out for the Final in Loket. He won the overall with maximum points in front of French rider Timotei Cez (Gas Gas), twice in P2. With a sixth place in Race 1 and a well-deserved third place in Race 2, the French rider Mathys Agullo (KTM) completed the podium.

EMX85 top three

  1. Andrea Uccellini, ITA
  2. Edoardo Riganti, ITA
  3. Leo Diss-Fenard, FRA

EMX65 top three

    1. Roko Ivandic, CRO
    2. Timotei Cez, FRA
    3. 3. Mathys Agullo, FRA

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