Mini Enduro Trophy: French Léo Lavesvre wins the first edition

Mini Enduro Trophy:
French Léo Lavesvre wins the first edition

The first edition ever of the Mini Enduro European Trophy took place in Grigno, Italy. Two intense days of racing with about 100 riders in the Park Fermè ready to fight for the titles.


The battle began from the very first test with the riders of the 125 class who took the lead of the Overall standings. In the first three laps Pierpaolo Mosca (KTM) took the best times winning all the tests, but Tommaso Roccato (Fantic) did not let himself be detached. With a delay of only 8 seconds Tommaso stayed close to his compatriot. During the day Mosca slowed down, while Roccato kept pushing and took the first overall position winning the day. Mosca finished second ahead of Léo Lavesvre (KTM): the French rider had a slow start but then he managed to finish third overall. The podium of the 125 Mini was the same as the overall standings: Roccato, Mosca and Lavesvre.

In the 50 Mini Cristian Garzotto (Vent) took the victory after collecting first positions. Second place for Massimo De Monte (Suzuki Valenti), while Mirco Zordan (Fantic) closed the podium.

In the Junior Class the Italian Gioele Scibilia (KTM) won with one minute over the runner-up Nicolò Baccinelli (KTM) and the Swedish Wiggo Lifvendahl (Husqvarna). If Gioele’s victory was overwhelming, the gap between Nicolò and Wiggo was almost zero, only a few cents divided the two young riders.

The two Italian girls, Roberta Gallina (Husqvarna) and Athena Magliolo (Husqvarna) battled for the victory in the Women Class. At the end Roberta showed to be fast enough to take the first place. Third position for Charlène Boudon (GasGas), who did not keep the pace.


The battle for the Overall saw France and Spain contending the final success. Léo Lavesvre and Pol Guerrero (KTM) fought all day long for the victory. If in the first part of the day the Spaniard collected the best times, at the end the French rider won with 8 seconds of advantage. Third position for day 1 overall winner Tommaso Roccato. As in Day 1, the overall top three was the same of the 125 class: Lavesvre, Guerrero and Roccato.

The 50 Mini class confirmed the riders of day 1: Massimo De Monte won again ahead of Garzotto and Zordan.

Double success for Gioele Scibilia, first ahead of Wiggo Lifvendahl, second, and Davide Cabass (Husqvarna), third.

Charlène Boudon won the Women class: after the third position on Day 1 the French rider managed to be faster than Athena Magliolo and Maja Kozlowska (Sherco).

At the end of the second day of race the champions were crowned.

The Overall victory was a prerogative of the French Léo Lavesvre, who also took the 125 class title.

Cristian Garzotto won the 50 Mini, Gioele Scibilia the Junior and Charlène Boudon the Women.

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