Individual Speedway Euro Championship: QR1

Individual Speedway Euro Championship: QR1

The 2023 Individual Speedway Euro Championship season got underway in Terenzano, Italy, with the QR1.

After one hour delay due to bad weather conditions, 17 riders from 11 European nations started the meeting with several close racing heats.

Polish rider Grzegorz Zengota won the meeting with 15 points ahead of Jan Kvech, from Czech Republic, for just one point at the end of heat 16.

Kvech was one of the most entertaining riders of the event with a couple of masterclass passes during heats 16 and 17. In the latter he finished ahead of local hero Nicolas Covatti at the finish line, after four thrilling laps.

Third position for German ace Martin Smolinski with a solid meeting which included a couple of wins and second places.

Fourth and last place available to progress to the SEC challenge went to Danish rider Mads Hansen, who recorded three impressive wins including a fine overtaking over Smolinski in the last heat of meeting.

Next event of the series will be held on 14th May at Nagyhalasz, in Hungary.

QR1 podium

  1. Grzegorz Zengota, 15 points (POL)
  2. Jan Kvech, 14 points (CZE)
  3. Martin Smolinski, 11 points (GER)

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