European Team Speedway Championship: team Poland claims the title

European Team Speedway Championship:
team Poland claims the title

Pictures copyright: Jarek Pabijan

Sensational team Poland won the European Team Speedway Championship, claiming victory at the Grand Final at Stralsund in northern Germany.
The meeting was run on a well-prepared track in good weather conditions, even if a slight wind made the track hard to prepare.
In front of a huge crew of 3.000 spectators the Polish team started well and didn’t drop the victory till the end. With 49 points it claimed the gold medal ahead of the Danish team, who got 35 points. Third position for Great Britain with 22 points.
In a hard-fought atmosphere World Champion Bartosz Zmarzlik and Szymon Wozniak scored 13 points for the Polish Team together with Dominik Kubera (12 points) and Jaroslaw Hampel (11 points).
Individual European Champion, Mikkel Michelsen, took 12 points for team Denmark, showing some nice overtaking.
For the British Team, Daniel Bewley scored 11 points and put a major step towards the podium for his team.
Fourth position for Germany, at the start with Kai Huckenbeck, who scored 8 points and a great heat win in his first heat against Zmarzlik. German Champion Norick Blödorn scored 6 points and had two second places.

Final classification
1.    Poland, 49 points (Zmarzlik, Hampel, Wozniak, Kubera, Kowalski)
2.    Denmark, 35 Points (Michelsen, Jakobsen, Jensen, Lyager, Breum)
3.    Great Britain, 22 points (Bewley, Ellis, Brennan Worrall, Gilkes)

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