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FIM Europe Management Council

FIM Europe Management Council

After a short meeting one day prior to the General Assembly in Geneva last January, the first Management Council took place face-to-face at the FIM Europe headquarters in Fiumicino (Rome) and via videoconference yesterday, Thursday 30th March 2021.

The day before the Internal Auditors have received all the necessary information from the Financial Department and have checked the 2020 Financial Situation with a positive feedback. In addition, the Council addressed the 2021 budget with a large view on the season as is still tough to predict how the situation will develop: it depends on the second half of the season, the organization of the Congress and more uncertain circumstances.

From a sporting view, all Sporting Commissions are waiting for the start of the season: all regulations are on paper and the calendars are confirmed even if with some postponements. All vice-presidents reported about the issues form their regions, as due to the Covid-19 pandemic fewer events have been scheduled.

From a Non-Sporting view, the Touring Commission postponed the Tour Assistant Training on 2nd October. The Public Affair Commission is working on the project “Touring with Alternative Fuel”: it aims to provide the long-term dominant scenarios of touring activities with ePTWs (both battery and fuel cell) and the specificities for successful and unobstructed events. Furthermore, a meeting between FIM and FIVA took place in March in order to update the 2004 agreement, taking account of the developments of recent years.

In addition, the Council also addressed many other topics. One was the problem of the sound level of motocross bikes in some European countries: the position of the FIM Europe is to soon send out a survey with the collaboration of the member Federations in order to investigate the situation.

Moreover, it was approved a Workshop on “The Resilience of the Manager” and the launch of a new FIM Europe App. The Workshop will be organized in collaboration with the FIM
at the General Secretariat in Fiumicino on the next 13th October: teacher of the first of the four scheduled meeting will be the Italian Sports Psychologist Professor Pietro Trabucchi. The FIM Europe App will be a key tool dedicated to all those who hold a position in FIM Europe, from the Management Council to the Commissions: it will represent a pocket library on the Smartphone, available both for iOS and Android, with the collection of all the Regulations and the documents that can be useful in carrying out their functions.

From this moment on the FIM Europe is deeply focused on the organization of the coming season and Congress.


Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“I’m happy to confirm that the 2020 budget review has been approved and we are happy of that as in the middle of the season the financial situation looked not good, however the saving programs were effective, including the cooperation with promoters. It’s still soon to evaluate the 2021 budget, as the situation is uncertain due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I would like to thank Gianluca Avenoso for the presentation about the FMI’s experience with e-bikes. The FIM Europe will explore the possibility of including it among its disciplines. We all are waiting for the beginning of the sporting season and all the member Federations are working hard to schedule competitions and events. We hope to meet all face-to-face in Belgrade in July”.

Mr Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General
“Even in the awareness of the difficult time we are experiencing due to COVID-19, we are happy to return to making plans. The Management Council yesterday approved, among other things, two initiatives that have the scent of the resumption of normal activities: a workshop and the upcoming launch of a new FIM Europe App. I’m glad to host it at the General Secretariat in Fiumicino in collaboration with the FIM: we are cooperating to develop four initiatives aimed at the General Secretaries of CONUs and FMNs to be carried out between October 2021 and October 2022. Teacher of the first Workshop will be the Italian Sports Psychologist Professor Pietro Trabucchi, one of the best among the experts in stress management during high-risk expeditions. With the FIM Europe App the user will find all the last available version of documents, from the Statutes to the Codes, from the Sports Regulations to the Guidelines, from the Institutional Presentations to the Yearbook. Let us therefore face this transition period towards normality with optimism, when we will return to do what we love to do with more passion than before”.