European Motoball in France (Day 6)

The European Motoball Championship finished with the victory of Russia on France and with the third place of Germany, while the Junior Final between Russia and Germany saw the German Team as the new European Junior Champion.

Junior-Final 14:00 – Russia – Germany 2:3
In a very tight match Germany won 2:3. At the beginning the German team scored quickly, but Russia replied with the 1:1 just one minute later. In the second Quarter Germany went in front again, but Russia was fighting back and scored the 2:2 for the draw. In the last Quarter Germany was a bit stronger and scored the 3rd goal which decided the match for their colors.
After the victory in 2016 in the Netherlands, Germany won also the European Junior Motoball Tournament 2017 in France. Congratulations to Russia for Silver and to France for Bronze. All the Junior Teams were showing excellent Motoball at highest technical level.
The FIM Europe Motoball Commission is planning to organize the 1st official European Junior Motoball Championship 2018 in Russia. Therefore a draft for the Junior Championship will be made and presented for approval to the Commission Meeting on November 11th 2017 in Rome.

On top, Pascale Reschko Jacquot, Chairwoman of FIM Europe Motoball Commission. Below, from left, Mrs Jacquot and Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe 1st Vice President

3rd Place Game 16:00 – Belarus – Germany 3:8
Even if Germany missed the final this year they played a great match against the Belarus Team. Germany scored first, but in the same minute Belarus scored the draw. After that Germany scored 3 times in a row during the 1st Quarter. In the 2nd Quarter the German team went ahead with 1:6 and the match was nearly decided. After the half time break both teams scored twice, so that Germany saved at least the bronze Medal.

Final 20:00 – France – Russia 4:6
Russia started the match in a perfect way and scored twice within the first 5 minutes. For the rest of the 1st Quarter the defense on both sides did a good job. In the 2nd Quarter Russia needed 10 minutes to score, but then they did it twice. Once with a combination over the right side and secondly with a far distance shot to the right top corner. After the break Russia continued to score with one more far distance shot and a solo to the circle. France changed a part of the team and scored 3 times with Stephan Fraysse, the player that was seriously injured in the first Game of the French Team. French spectators pushed the Equipe Tricolor and Russia failed at a penalty. France, instead, scored with a penalty some minutes later and reduced the result to 4:6. But it was not possible for France to get closer, because the time was over. So Russia is the old and new European Motoball Champion. It was a fair game, well controlled by German referees.