European Motoball Champions Cup: Germany rules the second round

European Motoball Champions Cup:
Germany rules the second round

After the first round in Lithuania, the second round of the European Motoball Champions Cup was held at the MSC Puma Club in Kuppenheim, Germany, over the weekend of the 21st-22nd July.

Once more the series offered thrilling matches, combining the adrenalin of the sport with the spectacle of the motorbikes on the pitch. Each team pulled out all the stops to deliver an intense and captivating game.

Day 1
MSC Puma Kuppenheim – Troyes, 9-0
The first match saw the Germans dominate the field. It was an intense match that saw the MSC Puma players take the upper hand right from the start with two superb goals that immediately set the tone. Unfortunately for the Troyens, a refereeing decision cost them a red card, reducing their squad. Despite their courage and determination, they were ultimately beaten 9-0 by a very strong Kuppenheim side.

Day 2
Troyes – Kretinga, 3-3
Troyes and Kretinga had a thrilling match as both teams showed unfailing determination from the outset, showcasing their skills and experience in this demanding sport. Throughout the match, action followed action, creating a palpable tension in the stadium. Each team had its moments, taking the lead in turn. The Troyes players showed their technical mastery and cohesion in attack, while the Kretinga players defended relentlessly, making it difficult for their opponents to break through. The match ended in a tie.

MSC Puma Kuppenheim – Kretinga, 17-1
In the last match of the day Germany dominate Lithuania. The motorbikes roared around the pitch, the players moving with agility, giving life to a spellbinding spectacle for the spectators who turned out in force for the occasion. The match ended 17-1 in favour of Germany: a remarkable performance that already puts Kuppenheim in the final of this competition.

The championship continues with more matches to come, promising Motoball fans some thrilling moments and fiery competition.
Next and final round will be on the 18th-19th-20th August in Troyes, France.

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