European Trial Women and Youth at Krzeszowice (Poland) – Day 1

Another triumph for Spanish riders in the second round of the FIM Europe Youth and Women championship, held near Krzeszowice, in Poland. Berta Abellan (Vertigo, photo1) doubled the initial success at the first round in the Women class, while Pol Medinya (Beta, photo2) found his first win in the Youth class, after a convincing fourth place in the previous round.
Fine weather in the small area of Miekinia, 4 km from the main town where 14 long sections to be repeated twice were fitted for the entering 54 riders.





Berta Abellan started her race with a high concentration and discouraged her rivals delivering her first card at the end of the first loop with only 5 mistakes. All expected a sort of reaction from the two-times European champion Theresa Bauml (Montesa) but she was not at her ease neither in this second round for the 2018 title. Her 17 point-score put her temporarily in fourth place, behind Italian Sara Trentini (Montesa) who lost 10 marks and Norwegian Ingveig Hakonsen (TRS) who scored 15.

In the second part Sara Trentini did her best score: 5 mistakes that assured her the final runner-up position. Berta Abellan made one point more to gather her second win in a row in this series. Finally Theresa Bauml showed her potential, scoring 6 she overtook Ingveig Hakonsen gaining the last step of the rostrum. In the championship Berta Abellan is firmly leading, ahead of Sara Trentini and Theresa Bauml.

In the Youth class, once again two riders coming from the Iberian Peninsula, occupied the highest positions, besides the winner, Alex Canales (Gas Gas) and Norwegian Mats Nilsen (Sherco) in third, All these 3 riders arrived separated by one single point. Everything was uncertain until the last section of the final lap.
At the turning point Canales was leading with 25 marks. Medinya was in second place scoring 2 points more. Third position with 30 points for the winner of the first round, Spanish Martin Riobo (Gas Gas), while Nilsen was behind with 4 points more.

All the first riders worsened their performance in the second lap, except Nilsen, who was able to improve his score, signing the best in this loop: 25 errors. Medinya (31) overtook Canales (34) and topped the podium with 58 total points. Between Canales and Nilsen both tied on 59 it was necessary to count the zeros: 12 against 10 in favor of Canales. In championship Medinya and Riobo are now leading tied.

In the International Youth class, Belgian Emile Van Thuyne (Gas Gas) won, while French Lena Volpe (Sherco) triumphed in the International Women class. Tomorrow in the same place the round number 3 will be held.
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