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Snowcross European Championship: Filip Öhman rules the competition

Snowcross European Championship:

Filip Öhman rules the competition

The FIM Europe Snowcross Championship took place on 4th April in Bodens Travbana, Sweden, in a partly cloudy day with cold temperatures.

On the 740m long track Filip Öhman was the most impressive once the racing started taking the lead of Final 1 from the first lap and never losing the position before finishing nearly 20 seconds ahead of second place rider Jens Vikman.
Final 2 was led by Robert Lunden for most of the time but with 4 laps of 16 remaining he dropped to 4th handing the lead to Öhman. After holding on to the inherited lead for the final laps Öhman took the race by 4 seconds and the overall championship win with the maximum 50 points! 2nd overall went to Jens Vikman and Gustav Salomonsson took 3rd.