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25 years jubilee of the Slovakian Federation

On November 8th FIM Europe Deputy/Acting President Martin de Graaff visited the Slovakian Motorcycling Federation (SMF) in Puchov for the celebration of the 25 years jubilee, combined with the Award Ceremony.
In all categories the champions filled the podium, and the event was completed by music and dancing shows. The responsible Vice Presidents of all disciplines handed over the trophies together with the President of the Federation Peter Lazar.

Above, the MX champions.

Martin de Graaff pointed out the role of this very active Federation in the latest 25 years.
At the start in Povazka Bystrica in 1993 the SMF had 260 sporting members, this year it has 1.300, to confirm how successful the Federation is. Motocross an Enduro are the most represented disciplines, but also Road Racing, Trial and Speedway are popular in Slovakia. Besides Motorsport, attention for Touring Activities and Road Safety are on the SMF agenda.
Above and below, Martin de Graaff with Peter Lazar

The Federation has good contacts with the Slovakian Olympic Committee, and their recent survey shows that the SMF organised 60 international events, which is the most of all Sports in Slovakia.
From 1994 the SMF is member of the FIM and one year later it was one of the founders of the UEM, the current FIM Europe.
The 2018 season ended in very good atmosphere in this successful party, with many volunteers, riders, sponsors and promoters.
The 2019 season is being prepared with a good calendar.
FIM Europe wishes the SMF a lucky future.