EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship North Europe zone EMX Women’ European Championship

EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship North Europe zone
EMX Women’ European Championship:
Poland hosted the first round of the NE zone and third for the Women


Pictures copyrights: Aleksandra Wozniak

First seasonal round for the EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship North Europe zone, last weekend back to the town of Oborniki for the inaugural race of the calendar together with the third round of the EMX Women’ European Championship. The last time that the Polish city had an European race was in 2011: after almost 15 years, more than 100 riders faced two hot days with thrilling fights.


2023 Champion Lucas Leok (Husqvarna) ruled both races with determination. The Estonian rider battled hard in qualifying with the Latvian Jekabs Hudolejs (GasGas), who unfortunately finished in the back because of a big crash. At the end of the heats the Latvian Toms Dankerts (Husqvarna) and the Estonian Aston Allas (KTM) shared the second and third position.



Estonia dominated the event placing Johann Hansman (KTM) first in race 1 and Rasmus Naar (KTM) in race 2.  Second position in the first heat for Ricards Jurcenko (Husqvarna) and third for Mikk Minkel Sepp (Husqvarna). Thanks to the second position in race 2 ahead of Mikke Lindstrom (Husqvarna), Hansman took the overall victory. Second overall Sepp, while third finished local rider Tymoteusz Dabrowski (Husqvarna).



First round winner Lucy Barker (KTM) was back to win with two solid heats. Double second for Tyra Backstrom (GasGas) and double third for Barbara Aagaard Andersen (Yamaha).

In 125cc class domination for Elsa Andresson-Lof (GasGas) ahead of Nellie Fransson (Yamaha) and Rosalita Eline Sund Hovind (Yamaha).


EMX85 top three

  1. Lucas Leok, EST
  2. Aston Allas, EST
  3. Toms Dankerts, LAT

EMX65 top three

  1. Johann Hansman, EST
  2. Mikk Minkel Sepp, EST
  3. Tymoteusz Dabrowski, POL

EMX Women top three

  1. Lucy Barker, GBR
  2. Tyra Backstrom, SWE
  3. Barbara Aagaard Andersen, DEN

EMX Women 125cc top three

  1. Elsa Andresson-Lof, SWE
  2. Nellie Fransson, SWE
  3. Rosalita Eline Sund Hovind, NOR

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