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Alpe Adria Motorcycle Union General Assembly at Prague

The Alpe Adria Motorcycle Union elective General Assembly was held on Saturday 8 December 2018, at Autoclub of the Czech Republic at Prague. Representatives of six AA federations ACCR, AMF, AMZS, MAMS, HMS, SMF, plus two guest federations PZM and MS BiH were present at the General Assembly and Commissions meetings.
In the first part of the meeting Mr. Attila Nagy, president of AAMU gave information about AAMU new registration in Croatia.
After the first part of the meeting, elections have been held: Mr. Attila Nagy was elected as new AAMU president, the appointment of the Vice President Mr. Martin Suchy, the appointment of the General Secretary Mr. Dean Grbac.
Also the appointment of the Commission Chairmans was held, the appointment of the Circuit Racing Commission Mr. Martin Hejduk, the appointment of the Enduro Commission Mr. Sandor Sasvari and Vice president of the Enduro Commission responsible for Extreme Enduro Mr. Davor Komšić.
During the General Assembly all the results from all disciplines season 2018 were approved.
At the end of the meeting it was announced that the next, 38th meeting of the AAMU General Assembly will be held in November 2019 in Vienna (Austria). For 2020, SMF would like to organise AAMU General Assembly at Bratislava.
Circuit Racing – The AAMU Circuit Racing Commission meeting chaired by Mr. Martin Hejduk started after the finish of General Assembly meeting. Martin Hejduk was satisfied with season 2018. After class FIM Europe Supersport 300 was introduced at AAIMC in season 2017, FIM Europe Superstock 1000 will be a European Cup inside the Alpe Adria series.
Lutec racing was new promoter from season 2018 for the races of FIM Europe Cup and AAIMC and they did an excellent job. Also all other commission members gave big thanks to all the staff from Lutec racing for their job during the season 2018. At the meeting there was a discussion about new technical and sporting rules for season 2019.

Vintage – The proposal is that the meeting of the working group inside CCR Commission for vintage and classic racing will be organized early in January 2019.

Enduro & Enduro Extreme – A meeting will be organized within the end of this year.
There was also a lot of interest for Alpe Adria Minimoto cup events, Speedway, Trial and Alpe Adria Motocross Cup of Nations events.

A lot of work is in front of new elected AAMU Management and Commissions.


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