Sidecarcross & Quadcross of European Nations

Sidecarcross & Quadcross of European Nations

Two amazing days for the Sidecarcross & Quadcross of European Nations in Dardon Gueugnon, France.

Quads Qualifications
Group A was leaded from start till finish from the Irish team Mark McLernon. Behind him great battle for the second-best position but at the end Great Britain finished ahead of France and Netherlands.
Group B was again a great battle with Ireland, Great Britain and France. Unfortunately, the Irish rider Justin Reid, who was in the lead, did had a technical failure in the last minutes, so British Harry Walker won the heat.
In Group C Randy Naveaux from Belgium took the holeshot and drove away. Behind him great battle for the top 10 and at the end the Norwegian rider Christhopher Tveraen finished second.

Nation Points
Great Britain 3
France 5
Belgium 6
Italy 7
Ireland 7
Norway 8
Netherlands 8
Poland 12
Latvia 15
Czech Republic 17
Denmark 19
France-B 21
Lithuania 23
Slovakia 23

1st Race Quads (A+B)
It was the Italian rider Paolo Galizzi who wook the holeshot and lead the race from start to finish. Behind him Joe Maessen from the Netherlands finished second. Great fight for the other top-5 positions.

2nd Race Quads (B+C)
Under heavy rain and difficult track conditions it was a real battle against the elements to survive. The Norwegian Christopher Tveraen was absolute the strongest. Leger for France was 2 and the top-3 was completed by Sansom from Great Britain.

3th Race Quads (A+C)
Tveraen (Norway), McLernon (Irland) and Naveaux (Belgium) started excellent in this 3rd race. McLernon lose some position and the Italian Turrini manage to get the 2nd place.

Sidecars Time Practice
Time practice was as expected a battle between the Netherlands and Belgium.
The current leader in the 2021 World Championship Vanluchene /Bax had an ignition problem, but after changing all electronic components, they could manage an ultimate fast lap at the end of the session, winning ahead Belgium and France.

Nation Time
Netherlands 4.28,091
Belgium 4.30,778
France 4.37,604
Czech Republic 4.39,762
Italy 4.41,917
Switzerland 4.41,997
France-B 4.51,874

1st Race Sidecars (A+B)
Even if a good start of the Italian crew Pozzi/Ravera, in lap 3 Vanluchene/Bax took the lead followed by Veldman/Cermak. At the end team Vanluchene and team Veldman got penalized and so the Czech team Cerny/Chopin won ahead of Sanders/Badaire and Bax/Janssens.

2nd Race Sidecars (B+C)
Despite the rain, the track remains well prepared. The Swiss team Heinzer/Betschart took the holeshot, but after a few laps Team Veldman/Cermak took the leadership and thaks to a good gap the win too. Heinzer/Betschart finished second and Vandaele/Smeuninx third.

3th Race Sidecars (A+C)
Bax/Janssens were the fastest, getting the holeshot and drove easily to the finish. The Suisse Heinzer/Schelbert made their nation proud and finished second.

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