Sidecarcross and Quadcross of European Nations: amazing United States and the Netherlands crowned champions

MSidecarcross and Quadcross of European Nations:
amazing United States and the Netherlands crowned champions

The Sidecarcross and Quadcross of European Nations witnessed an astounding spectacle as it hosted the amazing attendance of many extra-European teams, with a warm audience at the track of Cingoli, in central Italy.

The atmosphere was nothing short of electrifying and the crowd’s unwavering support for all the riders, especially the home team, giving more strength to Italy to race in front of its public.

Team USA made up with Joel Hetrick, Bryce Ford and Chad Wienen took the top step of the podium at the Quadcross of European Nations, while Team Netherlands won the Sidecarcross of European Nations.

In all three races Team USA ruled finishing first and second. In Race 1 Third position for Team Great Britain with Harry Walker, while in Race 2 was the European Champion Patrick Turrini who battled with the American taking the third position. The third and final race was interrupted on the first lap due to a fault at the gate. At the restart, a wild Patrick Turrini conquered once again the third position, managing to administer the race with speed and concentration.
The United States won the Quadcross of Nations with 7 points, followed by Italy (44) and Argentina (46), tied on points with Ireland.

Hard-fought challenge for the Sidecarcross. Always finishing in the top three team Netherlands took the European title with the crew Box/Cermak, Keuben/Van der Will and Hermans/Van den Bogaart, who secured 14 points. With a double win (Race 1 and Race 3) and 17 points Team Great Britain finished second with the crew Foden/Humphrey, Brown/Chamberlain and Wilkinson/Millard. 24 points for team France, third on the podium with the crew Prunier/Prunier, Hazard/Hupon and Auvray/Musset.

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