Second round EMX65cc NE, EMX85cc SW in Paroldo (Italy)

fim europeThe second round of the South Western qualification leg of the EMX65 and EMX85 (after the cancellation for rain of the first round in Castelnau de Levis) was held in Paroldo (Italy).

In the first race of 85cc. Class the San Marino rider n. 319 Andrea Zanotti in TM, beginning in the four position and in the middle of the race took the first position until the finish line. In second place was the Italy rider n. 357 Manuele Ulivi and the third place the French rider n. 214 Maurice Chanton. In the second race the winner was the Italian rider nr. 250 Lugana Paolo in KTM that took the place at six lap until the final. In second place was the French rider n. 324 Maxim Charlier that in the last lap took the place of the Italian rider n. 272 Giacomo Zancarini.

In the first race 65cc. class the Spanish rider n. 304 Gerard Congost in KTM was leader the beginning until finish line. In the second place was another Spanish rider n. 204 Eric Tomas and in 3nd the French rider Florian Miot. In the second race the winner was Florian Miot in second place Eric Tomas and in the third place the Italian rider n. 335 Antonio Giordano.

The next round is scheduled on the 25th of May in Brezice (Slovenia).


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