EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship Central Europe and South West zone and EMX Women’ European Championship

EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship Central Europe zone
EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship South West zone
EMX Women’ European Championship

Double round for the EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship, that last weekend saw the second round both of the South West and Central Europe zone together with the EMX Women’ European Championship.

Pictures copyright: Dary Karina

From Denmark to the Netherlands.
The second round of the Central Europe zone took place in Valkenswaard together with the first round of the EMX Women’ European Championship. A very well-known track in Motocross, with its typical sand that makes the Dutch track very technical and difficult for riders to interpret. Almost 100 riders raced in the weekend.

After losing the podium in the previous round, in the Netherlands Hyden Statt (KTM) managed to take a double win ahead of home heroe Kenzo Jaspers and Danish Bertram Thorius (Yamaha), both twice second and third.

Arrived in Valkenswaard as second in the standings, British rider Jagieski Cohen (GasGas) won both heats taking the head of the general classification. Intense battle for the second position between Kash Van Hamond (GasGas), Mike Pijnen and Luca Nierychlo (Husqvarna), who managed to get it. Third overall position for Van Hamond.

First round winner Lucy Barker (KTM) conceded to Dutch rider Shana Van Der Vlist (Yamaha), who set a double win on home soil. Third position for Elsa Andersson (GasGas).

EMX85 top three
1. Hayden Statt, GBR
2. Kenzo Jaspers, NED
3. Bertram Thorius, DEN
EMX65 top three
1. Jagieski Cohen, GBR
2. Luca Nierychlo, GER
3. Kash Van Hamond, NED
EMX Women top three
1. Shana Van Der Vlist, NED
2. Lucy Barker, GBR
3. Elsa Denée Gelissen, NED
EMX Women 125cc top three
1. Nellie Fransson, SWE
2. Elsa Andresson-Lof, SWE
3. Demi Verploegh, NED

After the first round in Slovenia, the South West zone raced the second in Zabok, Croatia.

Absent the favourite Andrea Uccellini (Husqvarna), in Race 1 won Leo Diss-Fenard (KTM) while in Race 2 Sleny Goyer (GasGas), who managed to win the Overall. Third position for Swiss rider Emil Ziemer (Husqvarna).

Race 1 had a great start with local rider Roko Ivandic (KTM) grabbing the holeshot. Unfortunately, at the end of the first lap he made mistake, losing positions and finishing in the top five. The French rider Timotei Cez took the lead and won ahead Liam Morette (Husqvarna) and Anthony Montoneri (KTM).

In the second race, once again Ivandic took the lead, holding the first position until the end. Second position for race 1 winner Cez, while Italian Montoneri took again P3.

EMX85 – Overall top three

  1. Sleny Goyer, FRA, GasGas
  2. Leo Diss-Fenard, FRA, KTM
  3. Emil Ziemer, SWI, Husqvarna

EMX 65 – Overall top three

  1. Timotei Cez, FRA, GasGas
  2. Roko Ivandic, CRO, KTM
  3. Anthony Montoneri, ITA, KTM

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