EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship South West zone: Slovenia hosted the first round

EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship South West zone:
Slovenia hosted the first round

The EMX65 / EMX85 European Championship heats up of the season with the first round of the South West zone in Brezice, Slovenia.


Double win for Italian rider Andrea Uccellini (Husqvarna).

In the race 1 he grabbed the hole shot but in the second lap he gave the leadership to Leo Diss-Fenard (KTM) after a small mistake. On lap 3 the Italian found the right pace and speed to take again the lead, maintain the position until the end. Behind him four riders fought for the other two step of the podium: at the end Ricardo Bauer (KTM) finished second and Sleny Goyer (GasGas) third.

In race 2 Uccellini gave no chances to anybody and claimed the victory. One more Bauer took the second step of the podium, while Diss-Fenard took the third.



In race 1 French rider Timotei Cez (GasGas) took the lead at the beginning and hold it to end, winning the first heat. Second position for the Croatian Roko Ivandic (KTM). Big fight for the third step of the podium, conquered by Štefan Lence (Yamaha).

At the start of race 2 once more Cez took the lead, but Roko started to gain positions from the 7th place. In lap 5 the decisive attack, when he also set the best time, taking the lead of the race and winning the second heat. Cez had to settle with the second position. Behind him great fight for the third place between French rider Mathys Agullo (KTM), third, and local rider Tim Repnik (Husqvarna), fourth.

EMX85 – Overall top three

  1. Andrea Uccellini, ITA, Husqvarna
  2. Ricardo Bauer, AUS, KTM
  3. Sleny Goyer, FRA, GasGas

EMX 65 – Overall top three

  1. Roko Ivandic, CRO, KTM
  2. Timotei Cez, FRA, GasGas
  3. Mathys Agullo, FRA, KTM

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