Nicki Pedersen becomes permanent participant of SEC 2021

Nicki Pedersen
becomes permanent participant of SEC 2021 

Three-time Individual World Champion and 2016 Individual European Champion, Nicki Pedersen will appear in the Speedway Euro Championship 2021 as a permanent participant. The Dane will replace Grigory Laguta.

This will be the seventh cycle of the Individual European Champion competition in which Nicki Pedersen will appear. The Dane competed in the SEC series in the years 2013-2016 and 2019-2020. So far, the three-time Individual World Champion has won four Speedway Euro Championship medals – one gold, two silver and one bronze. He won the most valuable one five years ago during a very unusual situation in Rybnik. Before the final round of the competition, the leader of the interim classification was Antonio Lindbaeck, and Nicki Pedersen was only on the ninth place. A spectacular performance of the Dane (in which he scored 17 points), made Pedersen surprisingly stand on the highest step of the podium.

Last season Pedersen took sixth place – the first place which did not guarantee participation in this year’s competition. The main part of the series, the Dane fought for the highest places, but due to an accident during the round in Gniezno he withdrew after the second series of racing, which ruined his chances for the final triumph. A very probable competition for SEC 2021 medals turned out to become a fight to stay in the series. He lost this battle in the very final extra heat of the last years series, in which he had to give credit to the Polish representative, Bartosz Smektala.

Nicki Pedersen’s stats in SEC series:

– 24 tournaments

– 131 races

– 261 points

– 4 medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze)

Due to recent changes, Robert Lambert, Leon Madsen, Mikkel Michelsen, Bartosz Smektala and Nicki Pedersen have a seecured place in the Speedway Euro Championship 2021.

The season will soon start!

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