Last rounds of EMX 125 and EMX250 in Faenza

aboutuemThe last rounds of the 125cc 2 stroke and the 250cc Motocross European Championships were held today in Faenza (Italy).

The 125cc 2 stroke class was held without the already proclaimed 2012 European Champion Tim Gajser. In the first heat was won by Italian Simone Furlotti (Suzuki), followed by Latvian Pauls Jonass (KTM) and South African with British licence Nicholas Adams (KTM). In the second heat victory of Norwegian Magne Klingsheim (KTM), followed by Jonass and Furlotti.

In the EMX250 class British Mel Pocock confirmed his strength and managed easily to become the new 2012 European Champion arriving fourth in the first heat and winning the last one when he already got the title. In the first heat the victory went to French Jordan Lacan (Kawasaki), in front of French Benoit Paturel (Kawasaki) and Italian Samuele Bernardini (KTM). In the second heat victory by Championship leader British Mel Pocock in front of Dutch Mike Kras (Suzuki) and Paturel.

(UEM Press Release 142/2012)