Last round of Trial EC in Boras (Sweden)

aboutuemSwedish Eddie Karlsson (Jtg), British Iwan Roberts (Gas Gas) and Dutch John Van Veelen (Ossa) , the other European champions, after the last round of the UEM FIM Europe Trials Championship, disputed in Boras, Swedish town, well known for the textile industry.

Karlsson clinched the title , but Italian Luca Cotone (Gas Gas) beat him on his home terrain: at last Cotone succeed in staying ahead of the champion. After loosing the battle for a while either in Italy or in Norway, he got his revenge, beating the rival by just a couple of cleans. This time Karlsson built his success – that was the final crown – starting very concentrate. He was leading at the turning point with 7 points. Cotone, scoring 12, was just behind. Quite distant the others. Norwegian Ib Andersen (Beta) in third, lost 19 marks, one more for fresh Youth champion, German Franz Kramer (Gas Gas).

Knowing that the title was “a cup of tea” at this time, Karlsson rode more relaxed and made some mistakes, delivering his card with 22 penalties. Cotone recovered well reaching him and thanks to the cleans discriminant, concluded his championship with a deserved victory. Surprising second lap of Kadlec (10 points), that let him to climb to the podium, staying behind the strong couple by one single mark. In the final standings on third place, it was confirmed Spanish Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas).

Roberts found again the victory in the Junior Cup, that meant taking home the title, after a competition nearly perfect. Leading from the start he finished with only 13 marks lost. Who had still ambitions of grabbing the crown as Finn Timo Myöhänen (Beta) or Italian Gabriele Giarba (Beta) were already quite distant after the first lap. Indeed opposite to Roberts’ score of 6 at half competition, in second position there were 3 riders tied: Norwegian Martin K. Karlsen (Beta) , British Dan Peace (Gas Gas) and Giarba, but their score was 14! All of them improved its previous outcome, finishing in that order. No changes in the final standings, too. Myöhänen kept the runner-up position ahead of Giarba.

Van Veelen (Ossa) was the winner of the Over 40 Cup, but in this last round he finished even out of the podium. Having almost won in the previous round, Finn Staffan Floessel (Sherco) did not let fall the chance. He rode a superlative first lap (5 point) against the 16 marks signed by Van Veelen. Then he managed his lead. In the second lap a not motivated Van Veelen was overtaken by Swedish member of the FIM EuropeTrials Commission, Magnus Liljeblad (Sherco) and by Austrian Mario Mempor (Beta). In the championship Mempor occupied the second place ahead of Floessel.


(FIM Europe Press Release 127/2013)