Introduction to the 5th round of UEM Trial EC in France

aboutuemNext Sunday at Isola 2000, Southern of France, very close to the Italian border everything is ready for hosting the fifth round of the UEM Trial Championship. The organizers are expecting a lot of Italian fans as public to sustain their favourite riders, who like never before are really protagonists in this season.

Being this round the penultimate one it might be possible the assignation of the titles according to some circumstances. For instance Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) reaching the podium is mathematically European champion. But not only, even in case of a worse place, depending on what will be able to do his two country mates rivals: Daniele Maurino and Matteo Poli , both Ossa mounting. Grattarola said : “ I do not do these sums, I am riding to win!”. And after 4 wins in 4 events who can contrast him?

In the Junior class, Francesco Cabrini (Beta) is in a similar situation. His lead on Norwegian Sverre Lundevold (Gas Gas) is 19 points, that means it is sufficient for him to arrive ahead of his rival to clinch the continental title. In the Over 40 class the close battle between Dutch Marc Reit (Beta) and Finnish Tommy Ahvala (Gas Gas) will be come up again, but in the overall standing the Holland is 18 points ahead, so in case of victory, anticipated title for him, too.

The organisers completed the event with other facilities. The day before is dedicated to the young children. Assisted by instructors provided from the organization, it will be possible for any child aged from 3 to 12 years, to ride electrical mini motos. The appointment is at 10 a.m.. In the afternoon, still reserved to young riders who use electrical machines, there will be a big meeting. Every participant will receive a present. In the evening there will be a freestyle show.