Individual Speedway Euro Championship: Madsen won in Bydgoszcz!

Individual Speedway Euro Championship:
Madsen won in Bydgoszcz!

Leon Madsen won in the third round of the Individual Speedway Euro Championship in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Madsen’s third victory during SEC competitions in Bydgoszcz became a reality. The Dane showed that he really knows the oval secret of the track. This win extends his hopes for the title.

The podium was completed by Mikkel Michelsen and Dominik Kubera.
Janusz Kołodziej might feel the disappointment. After the regular phase the leader finished the most crucial race of the evening in fourth place. Nevertheless, the points he gathered still keep him in the race for medals in TAURON SEC 2023.

Michelsen is continuing his course towards the championship title. The Dane scored fifteen points and gain the second place. Unless something unexpected happens in Pardubice, he will secure his third Individual European Champion title in his career.

Surprisingly, Kai Huckenbeck and Antonio Lindbäck performed admirably on the Bydgoszcz track. The German collected ten points on his tally and came close to reaching the final race. Meanwhile, the Swede had to settle for a respectable sixth place.

Top five
1. Leon Madsen (Denmark) – (1,2,3,3,3,3) – 15+3
2. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) – (1,3,3,2,3,2) – 14
3. Dominik Kubera (Poland) – (2,3,2,0,2,1) – 10+2
4. Janusz Kołodziej (Poland) – (3,3,3,3,2,0) – 14
5. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany) – (2,2,dnf,3,3) – 10+1

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