Fourth round of Open Motocross EC in Olsztyn (Poland)

aboutuemThe fourth round in the European Championship Open Class was held today in Olsztyn (Poland) on a very hot and sunny day (27 degr.) and a perfect prepared track.

In the Qualification race, the Latvian rider Tom Macuks (KTM) was number one over the finish line, and has the pole position in the two races Sunday.

In the first race was Latvian Toms Macuks (KTM) number one, and Polish Lukasz Lonka (HONDA) on the second place and on the third place Russian Aleksandr Efimov (KTM). In the second race was the winner Polish Lukasz Lonka (HONDA) and on the second place Latvian Toms Macuks (KTM) number three Russian Aleksandr Bugreev (YAMAHA).

The provisional rankings see the leadership of Macuks with 158 points in front of Burgreev with 148 points. The next round in the open class will take place on 2th of June in Kyiv (Ukraine).

(UEM Press Release 45/2013)