EMX65 and 85 SW Europe in Brou (France)

aboutuemThe fourth round of the EMX65 and EMX85 Motocross European Championship (South Western leg) was held in Brou (France) with cloudy and partially rainy weather. Deep mud at some parts of the track. The organizer made a good job removing the mud from parts of the track.

In the EMX65 class, the first heat was won by Spanish rider Oliver Oriol (KTM), followed by Austrian David Shartner (KTM) and Russian Nikita Kucherov (KTM). The second heat was won by French Tom Guyon (KTM) second position to Spanish David Braceras Martinez (KTM) and third position to Oriol.

The EMX85 class saw the victory in the first heat of Italian Morgan Lesiardo (KTM) followed by Italian Gianluca Facchetti (Suzuki) and French Ludovic Bompar (KTM). In the second heat Facchetti managed to win followed by Bompar and Slovenian Luka Milek.

The provisional rankings see in the EMX65 class the first position of Gerard Congost Aguilera with 129 points followed by Nikita Kucherov with 126 points. The EMX85 class has the provisional leader in Gianluca Facchetti with 194 points followed by Ludovic Bompar with 143 points.

The next round is scheduled on the 28th of July in Baldasserona (Italy).

(UEM Press Release 43/2013)