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First seasonal Management Council for the FIM Europe with Zoom

First seasonal Management Council for the FIM Europe with Zoom

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the emergency situation in all the European countries at different times, the FIM Europe had to cancel the FIM Europe Congress 2020 originally scheduled in Prague from 2nd to 4th July 2020.

In order to continue all the activity, the first seasonal Management Council meeting took place yesterday 03rd July in a virtual way with Zoom Video Communications platform.

Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“Exactly on the date of the cancelled Congress in Prague, the Management Council could have a Zoom-meeting, having the chance to discuss important topics on the agenda. All reports were sent to the participants one week before this meeting. The federations will receive these together with the minutes of this meeting, including the reports. Thanks to the contacts with and the feedback of the commission’s chairmen, the Management Council was well informed about the status of all developments and new calendars. The second part of the season will be very busy with a lot of postponed events: it’s good to start again in a safe way. From the meeting room in Fiumicino, which can be used since July, the staff members could follow the meeting and gave input. In collaboration with the FIM congress, the CONU’s and also FIM Europe will try to organize the General Assembly on the same date. Venue and date are at this moment not known, but as soon as possible more information will be given. Important was the information concerning the forecast of the 2020 budget. Like all federations, FIM Europe lost income, but we’ll try to save money where possible. Therefor the Council discussed the last version of the draft statutes. The meeting in this way was efficient, safe and in a good atmosphere”.

Alessandro Sambuco, Secretary General
“The just-concluded Management Council marked another important milestone in the evolution for our organization imposed since the time of the Coronavirus. The Covid-19 has in fact forced us to adapt to the health rules that impose the ban on gatherings while having to guarantee institutional meetings for the government of our organization. The first Management Council in lockdown time was carried out via e-mail in real time (almost as if it were a chat), but while guaranteeing the exchange of information, documents and opinions it was sure to be cold and impersonal, lacked image and voice. We therefore equipped ourselves with the Zoom platform and implemented the multimedia of the Meeting Room of the General Secretariat acquiring a very modern all-in-one conferencing camera gives you a true face-to-face meeting experience. The video conferencing systems automatically focuses on the active speaker. When there are different active speakers engaged, it will split the screen with a 360° wide angle view displayed on top and close-up shot of active speakers below. It can also dynamically recognize and follow whomever is speaking with smooth panning in “Presentation” mode. The result was a pleasant and effective meeting between interactive people in image and voice. The staff and collaborators present at the meeting room table implemented all the rules on social distancing and prevention, but presented themselves as a group and as individuals, during their interventions, thanks to the camera with digitally processed 360° images. This is the best we can do now in an emergency period but surely all this will leave its mark on the work we will do in the future”.