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FIM Europe second Sporting Commissions Meetings

FIM Europe second Sporting Commissions Meetings

Second meetings session for the Sporting Commissions.

As in the previous date, this second commissions’ meeting did not take place in Fiumicino due to the Coronavirus outbreak and members met each other with Zoom Video Communications platform in order to discuss the current season and future prospects.
Once more, the virtual meetings were also attended by the FIM Europe President Martin de Graaff, the 1st Deputy President Michal Sikora and Paola Bianchetti and Silvia D’Amico, responsible for sport matters in the office.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“Our sporting commissions had Zoom meetings in order to evaluate this year, but more important to prepare season 2021. All members would like to have a normal season with exciting events. The Vintage Commission has to deal with an increasing number of races in several disciplines, but many of them had to be cancelled this year. Commission members from more federations are responsible for events in their home country. Chairman Igor Boskovic is positive with his commission members about the future in the variation of vintage races. Chairman Protr Szynmanski of the Track Racing Commission has to deal with many events in several categories. Also in this motorsport discipline we had to cancel many events, but a number of competitions could take place. A large group of commission members are responsible for all events and have to divide the duties as Jury President and Referee. It’s good to see the involvement of this group in the development of rules, running events for this sport. I’m grateful to all our volunteers, especially in this strange and tough season. We all wish to meet in person soon”.

Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“We are continuing our virtual meetings with two sessions of Sporting Commissions. Both discussed about the pandemic season and events which took place. A first draft of 2021 calendars were prepared, even if we are still living a tough situation. It was good to meet at least through video meeting members of our commissions”.



Track Racing Commission
The meeting summarized the 2020 season and focused on the new one. Despite the restrictions, most of the planned Championships and Cups took place, including the SEC Final Series, U21 Individual and Team Finals, as well as Grass Track Individual Final.

Mr Piotr Szymański, Chairman Track Racing Commission
“We are very happy the President joined our meeting. We made many efforts in order to make this season like a normal one. We already discussed about the 2021 calendars and we all hope to run the next season in a normal way. Thank you to the Commission’s members for their efforts. I hope we’ll meet each other soon”.

Vintage Commission
The virtual Zoom meeting of the Vintage Commission started with a friendly discussion about the strange time we are all living. Many races were postponed or cancelled in 2020 due to Coronavirus pandemic: road racing, hill climb and endurance races took place, even if with just one single event. The Commission agreed small amendments for 2021 rules and a draft of the 2021 calendar has been approved at the end of the meeting.

Mr Igor Bošković, Chairman Vintage Commission
“We all want to forget this tough year. Coronavirus touched our lives deeply as well as our sport. We are looking forward into the new season and we all hope that this situation won’t last long. At the end of the meeting we agreed details and a draft calendar”.