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FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions Meetings in Fiumicino, Italy

FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions Meetings in Fiumicino, Italy

After the Sporting Commissions Meetings of October and November, on Saturday 18th January the FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions Meetings was held in Fiumicino, Italy, at the presence of the FIM Europe President Mr. Martin de Graaff, the Secretary General Mr. Alessandro Sambuco and the 2nd Deputy President Mr. Silvio Manicardi. Also present Silvia Monatti and Andrea Diamantini, responsible for non-sporting matters in the office.

Many topics were discussed by the Non-Sporting Commissions: the Environment Commission chaired by Mr. Adamo Leonzio, the Touring Commission chaired by Mr. Nils Freivalds, the Public Affairs Commission chaired by Mr. Dimitris Margaritis and the Marketing, Promotion & Industry Commission chaired by Mr. Blagoja Petrovski.
The four commissions discussed interesting and important issues, not only for the coming year, but for the long term development of FIM Europe.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“A few important issues were discussed today, like the Insurance Directive of the European Union, driving license problems and other traffic items. The environment commission is working on the publicity of good examples on the website which can help federations and organizers with circuit problems. Also inspections will be carried out in the coming years to take care for the environment around events and circuits. The Touring commission pays attention to the publication of Touring events of federations. The commission responsible for marketing and promotion will be updated with the help of experts in several direction”.

The Management Council appreciate the work of the commissions and the specialist and thanks the present FIM Directors and staff members for the good ideas and show us the good relation in the FIM Family.

At the end of the meetings the chairmen came together to point out to the President of the Non Sporting Council Silvio Manicardi, the outcome of the meetings and the coming activities for FIM Europe.

Silvio Manicardi, 2nd Deputy President
“As every year, the January meeting of the Non Sporting Commission has been a good occasion to share experience and update the work done by each Member. During the afternoon Non Sporting Council each chairman of the 4 commissions had the chance the present the results of their discussions and share it with the other Members. Many ideas came out on how to improve FIM Europe activities. The cooperation between the commissions is essential to grow our knowledge and make us ready to confront all the external problems that we have in the grow of our sport and guarantee the future mobility of our members”.

During the day a meeting was held with the Di.Di. Diversamente Disabili Onlus. This association, born in 2013, helps disabled people to ride a motorbike, both in the ordinary life and in sport. It organized meetings in schools and theaters all over Italy to help
young guys in learning the correct way to drive and to stimulate them to react to the difficulties. The association also had a riding school equipped with adapted vehicles, in order to be used with any kind of disability.


Environment Commission

Environment Commission
A check was made on the activity carried out during the 2019 sport events and new ones has been planned for the first half of 2020.
The Commission decided, in order to better cooperate with the sporting commission, to individuate a member to act as liaison officer with each of them.
Attention has been given to the documents published online too: new lines of research have been decided in order to increase the number. Importance will be given especially to those with technical solutions to raise the respect of the environment.
The commission also decided to operate a revision of the environmental guideline published with the aim of a new version before the 2021 season.
Finally, it was decided to start a new project aimed at increasing the environmental awareness of young pilots.

Mr. Adamo Leonzio, Chairman Environment Commission
“I’m very happy with the work done by the commission in 2019. We are moving more and more towards the two most important topics of the commission: education and research. Education of the young riders in environmental respect. Research and spread among all the people involved in the world of motorcycling of technical solution able to minimize, if not eliminate, the impact on the environment of our activity. For the future, we will continue to follow that path”.

Touring Commission

Touring Commission
First of all, the Commission welcomed its new Member Mr. Valerii Kryshen, Chairman of Motorcycle Touring Commission at the Ukrainian Motorcycle Federation.
In addition to the FIM Europe Club Lapland Experience 2020, scheduled in Rovaniemi, Finland, from March 27th to 29th, another very spectacular FIM Europe Club Tour in Carinthia, Austria, will be organized this year from September 25th to 28th. This will be a 3-days event with a tour through the mountain area, crossing Slovenian and Italian borders.
The Touring Commission highly appreciates the FIM Europe’s support to organize the 3rd Tour Assistant (TA) training in Barcelona, Spain, in spring. The Training has already provided employment opportunities for participants after they passed this training course. The FIM Europe Tour Assistant Certificate issued to participants who completed the course is considered as an official quality and safety standard for tourism businesses and they have hired our trainees to organize motorcycle tours.

Mr. Nils Freivalds, Chairman Touring Commission
“The FIM Europe has approved the upcoming tour in Austria and FMNs will be provided with a detailed information shortly. We invite all National Federations to support their official representatives and join the FIM Europe Club Tour. This is not only a spectacular and relaxed tour, but it is a part of socialization and cooperation among FIM Europe Federations. We are hoping for great interest in the Training Course: we’ll give further information and the application form to all National Federations soon. Last but not least we also welcome a new member of the Commission, Mr. Valerii Kryshen. He is an active and passionate motorcycle traveler and he would actively support our activities and provide an effort in the field of Motorcycle Tourism”.

Public Affairs Commission

Public Affairs Commission
The topic of the highest priority is the Motor Insurance Directive (EU MID). The implementation of it, in its initial version, would harm the sport by increasing participation costs dramatically. However, in the last draft version of December 2019, there has been an amendment that excludes “drivers” and “vehicles” from third part insurance. FIM and FIM Europe will request an advice from the FIM legal department on the correct interpretation of the amendment. It is also planned to launch some lobbying activity ahead of the opening of the trialogue discussions for the Directive. In a working group insurance of the FIM will be spoken about the Third Part insurance; Mr. Alessandro Sambuco is member of this working group. CAP members also discussed the forthcoming revision of the Driving License Directive (DLD) and at the end of the day there was a presentation of the three new projects that the Commission will run the next years and they have been funded by FIM.

Mr. Dimitris Margaritis, Chairman Public Affairs Commission
“The Commission discussed several urgent topics of a very dense agenda. The Commission is working on an event that will motivate participants to join and that will update their knowledge on sport and non-sport safety and mobility themes”.

Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission

Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission
In occasion of the first meeting of the year, the Commission spoke about important subjects. One of them is the Event Tool Kit and Booklet that will be prepared by the commission and distributed to all FMNs. This booklet is a guidance of how event organizers should promote events. The focus was also on the FIM Europe web page and social media, and the cooperation between FMNs and FIM Europe in providing of photo, video and materials to promote more local heroes and especially European Champions in all disciplines on the European calendar.

Mr. Blagoja Petrovski, Chairman Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission
“We faced a very productive meeting. There are several important subjects that we as a commission worked today in order to prepare materials for the promotional activity of FIM Europe and all European FMNs. We are sure that the Event Tool Kit and Booklet will be a tool almost every organizer need. It’s also important to develop the social media and the cooperation between FMNs and FIM Europe”.