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FIM Europe Management Council

FIM Europe Management Council

In view of the close FIM Europe General Assembly, the FIM Europe Management Council met today, 27th January 2021, via videoconference from the FIM Headquarters in Mies, Switzerland, at the presence of the FIM President Mr Jorge Viegas.

The Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco informed the Management Council about the situation voting rights of the numerous Federations, waiting for a big attendance. Moreover, the FIM Europe President Mr Martin De Graaff, the 1st Deputy President Mr Michal Sikora and the Treasurer Mr Juhani Halme presented a short version of their yearly reports in view of tomorrow’s General Assembly.

Originally, the General Assembly would have to take place in occasion of the FIM Europe Congress 2020 in Prague, but due to the Coronavirus emergency, it was postponed and will be held tomorrow with Zoom from FIM Headquarters.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President

“The Management Council took place today at the presence of all the members and the FIM President Mr Jorge Viegas attended the meeting too. Mr Sikora, Mr Halme and me presented our reports in a short version and tomorrow we’ll discuss them in depth in occasion of the General Assembly: a few urgent decisions had to be taken before the beginning of the season. The result of the elections will be given in the next release of the Family week in Mies and in the Studio in Geneva”.