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FIM Europe Management Council

FIM Europe Management Council

The second Management Council took place face-to-face at the FIM Europe General Secretariat in Fiumicino (Rome) and via videoconference yesterday, Tuesday 03rd August 2021.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“All Management Council Members joined the meeting by Zoom videoconference that, under other circumstances, should have been a meeting in presence, at the office in Fiumicino. We have waited for the end of all Sporting and Non-Sporting Commission meetings to hold it, because in this way the Management Council was able to decide about their proposals. The Congress in July is usually the occasion to nominate new Commission Members, therefore this time the Management Council evaluated also the Candidature applications received by the Federations. We all admire the perseverance and work of all Commissions and volunteers. Moreover, our Promoters and Organizers are doing a good job and every organized event is important for the planned calendar. For this meeting, the Management Council received a lot of information and could take decisions regarding several proposals and, at its end, everyone agreed to meet next time on the occasion of our General Assembly, which will be held probably in combination with the FIM one. About the latter, it will be necessary to wait for the development of all Covid measures taken by the Federations, in and outside Europe”.

Mr Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General
“Today’s was actually a Management Council in a hybrid form, partly in presence, partly in videoconference. In fact, we had the pleasure of having the President Martin de Graaff and First Deputy President Michal Sikora in attendance at the General Secretariat in Fiumicino, in addition to the Staff. Their presence in Fiumicino was due to the need to coordinate with the offices after the meetings of the various Sports and Non-Sports Commissions. However, it was a small breath of normalcy in a still uncertain continental scenario regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m particularly satisfied with the small steps taken by FIM Europe in the direction of digital innovation, namely the launch of the FIM Europe Library last May and the new Environmental Check-list which just finished today. This process is only in its early stages and will bring about a real cultural change within our organization. This will be the way to convert everything we have been forced to do in terms of resilience to the pandemic we have lived and are still experiencing into new opportunities”.

Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“This season seems to be performing much better than 2020 but of course there are a lot of discussions and changes of the calendar concerning pandemic situations in different countries and permanent changes of the restrictions. Unfortunately Drag Racing European Championship and Motoball also this year had to be cancelled but we finally are able to run Enduro EC and Trial. In some disciplines, like Hawkers European Talent Cup and European Moto 2 Championship or Vintage Motocross, we noticed very good riders attendance and in some unfortunately we are noting a significant decrease. I hope that when Covid -19 pandemic will finish we will come back to the typical interest in European events”.

Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President
“The Management Council was again held via Zoom. This has allowed anyway to share many information and take decisions. Regarding the Non-Sport activities, the outcome of the work of the Commissions that met the 18th of July was reported in particular the online publication of the “Event Promotion Tool kit”, the postponement of the “Tour Assistant Training”, the need of a revision of the “On line check list” (that was just realised last Monday) and target for the future actions of the Environmental Commission. Regarding the CAP activities important to mention the exclusion from the Insurance Directive of the EU of the Motor Sport Activities, the work done by the OECD ITF regarding Motorcycle road safety, the future of petrol engine vehicles in Europe and the start of the project Touring with Alternative Fuel (AF) PTWs. Some of the mentioned items need particular attention because could have heavy consequences on our future.