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FIM Europe first Sporting Commissions Meetings

FIM Europe first Sporting Commissions Meetings

First meeting session for the Sporting Commissions.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this time the commissions did not meet in Fiumicino as in previous years and so this weekend virtual meetings were held with Zoom Video Communications platform in order to discuss the current season and future prospects.

Despite the impossibility of physically interfacing, the virtual meetings were also attended by the FIM Europe President Martin de Graaff, the 1st Deputy President Michal Sikora and Paola Bianchetti and Silvia D’Amico, responsible for sport matters in the office.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“I took part to the Motocross & Snowcross Sporting Commission meeting in Belgium in occasion of the EMX 125 round and I informed the members about the current situation. Thanks to Infront and the national organizers, many EMX races took place. It’s a hard time for everyone, but there is the will to go on. We could not give any official information for the 2021 calendars, but we are working hard to schedule the next season in the safer way”.



Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“Here we are after the first sessions of our Sporting Commissions. Unfortunately, having in mind worsening pandemic situation in Europe, we were not able to meet personally but through video meetings. I’m really happy that we had at least in this mode possibility to see each other in good health. All commissions had discussed current situation in members countries, summarize the 2020 season and talked about nearest future, especially about calendars which are now really hard to prepare. But we all have to think positive!”.



Motocross & Snowcross Commission
Unfortunately, at the end of the meeting no calendar can be produced because the promoter, Infront, is unable to produce it as the future is very uncertain due to Covid, but there will certainly be the normal classes in 2021. The same applies to the EMX Quad calendar, because the commission works closely with the FIM Sidecarcross promoter, APO Multicam.
2020 Championship results cannot be ratified because the EMX125, EMX2T and EMX Open are not completed yet.
Next year there will be a European Snowcross Championship in Finland in April combined with the FIM World Snowcross Championship and a Snowbikecross Cup in Russia at the same venue as in 2018 depending on how the Covid situation develops.

Mr Eddie Herd, Chairman Motocross & Snowcross Commission
“There will be no major changes to the rules next year, even if the calendars are still pending. We are living a difficult situation, but generally the season has been very good for the EMX125, EMX250, EMX2T and EMX Open classes with 9 rounds in EMX125, 10 rounds in EMX250, 5 rounds for EMX2T and 6 rounds for EMX Open, which is the same as on the original calendar at the start of the year. Entries have been at a relatively high level considering the Covid restrictions around Europe. I want to thank Infront Moto Racing for the incredible work that has been done together with National/Regional governments plus the FMN’s to make these events happen”.


Enduro & Rally Commission
The meeting to take stock of the situation for the 2020 season and prepare for next year’s season was certainly useful and necessary. The 2020 season has unfortunately seen the cancellation of many races and championships, but the prospect, if it will be possible, is to start again next year with new calendars.
The Enduro Championship will start in Italy, then it will move to Czech Republic, Poland and in the Netherlands. The season will begin with the Superenduro, always combined with the World Cup, with the race in Poland, Germany and Hungary. Very few changes to the regulations, a sign that the current rules are well calibrated for everyone.
About the Rally, with the intervention of the promoter Meletis Stamatis, at the moment there are three round: Greece, Romania and Portugal, but there is interest to have another race from other organizers and Federations.
Two races are scheduled for 2021 for the Bajas as well as the Cross Country.

Mr Marco Bolzonello, Chairman Enduro & Rally Commission
“It was a pleasure to see the commission’s colleagues again, even via web, and also Mr Michal Sikora, present at the beginning of the meeting. This year we faced a tough situation, but we are already working on the next one. We’ll have good races and interesting Championships if the situation will allow us to start”.


Trial Commission
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this year the Trial Commission had to cancel the whole European Championships and Cups. The good news is that the 2020 calendar have already been finalized, and soon will be published as official. The meeting was attended by the FIM CTR Director, receiving some information about the World Championship rounds held this year.

Mr Magnus Liljeblad, Chairman Trial Commission
“The current situation did not allow us to a normal meeting, but with a virtual way we had the occasion to discuss and finalize our calendar. The FIM Europe 1st Deputy President, Mr Michal Sikora, attended a part of the meeting and so we could discuss about the European Games in Krakow 2023. Trial is invited as demonstration sport and we are looking forward to work with this event if the situation will allow that”.


Road Racing Commission
During the meeting all the results of the different European Championships and Cups have been approved. All Jury Presidents reported about the different events held in 2020, but also the tough situation for the sport in Europe has been discussed. There are still no calendars for 2021, as the situation did not allow to make official plans.

Mr Martin Hejduk, Chairman Road Racing Commission
“The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere with 25 persons. We discussed about the current year, but for sure the focus is on the next season. Different working groups will be held within the next few weeks in order to propose improvements for the 2021 season”.


Drag Racing Commission
Covid-19 emergency had a strong impact on Drag Racing teams, tracks and sponsor, causing the cancellation of the calendar. Even if the situation is still uncertain, the Commission is determined to carry on and make plans for 2021. Is under evaluation the idea to extend by a year the expiring track and officials licenses in case the Covid situation makes it impossible to hold the needed seminars. Online training licences are also evaluated.

Mr Job Heezen, Chairman Drag Racing Commission
“I’m happy to confirm we are already working on 2021 season: Hockenheim has already applied for a round on 26-28 of August, Kunmadaras will apply for a round of SSB on 01-03 of May, Santa Pod will apply for two races, the first one on 29-31 of May and the Euro Finals on 09-12 September. There is also the chance of one more round in Tierp on 11-13 June”.