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FIM Europe CLUB Experience Prosecco Hills – Italy

FIM Europe CLUB Experience
Prosecco Hills – Italy

The FIM Europe is glad to announce that the registration for the 2023 FIM Europe Club Experience in Italy are now open.

The event will be held in the famous area of the Prosecco Hills from the 26th to the 29th September 2023: the journey will start and finish in Pieve di Soligo, passing through the most beautiful towns and landscapes of the Valdobbiadene area.

The event is dedicated to the European FMNs, the Management Council Members, the FIM, the Internal Auditors, the Commission and Panel Members, the Honorary Members and the Regional Associations.

To join the 2023 experience please download the official form here below, fill and send it within 31st August 2023.

Download the registration form
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