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FIM Europe and FIM Workshop

FIM Europe and FIM Workshop

A Workshop on the Manager Resilience was held on Wednesday 13th October at the FIM Europe General Secretariat in Fiumicino, organised in collaboration between the FIM and FIM Europe and dedicated to the General of FMNs and CONUs.
In addition to the FIM Europe Staff and the FIM representatives, the participants, from African, Asian, European and Oceania Federations, took part in the Workshop both in person and by videoconference.

Françoise Emery, FIM CEO
“It was great to count on the participation of FMNs and CONUs from four different continents in this workshop on resilience. It also offered us an opportunity to have discussions and share ideas between us. I would like to thank FIM Europe for the remarkable organization and the warm welcome”.

Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General
“In addition to the scientific and experiential contents presented by the teacher Prof. Pietro Trabucchi, interesting and compelling, a great satisfaction for the participants in the presence was finally being able to sit at the same table with colleagues after a long time and address emerging issues of common interest with the “warmth” of presence. I am a firm believer that having and cultivating personal relationships with colleagues is an irreplaceable added value for the effectiveness of our professional work”.