European Under19 Individual Speedway Championship: Final

European Under19 Individual Speedway Championship:

Thrilling races in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, in the Final of the European Under19 Individual Speedway Championship.

The picturesque Gorzów Speedway Arena became the perfect venue for an exhilarating display of skill and determination as the Under19 Championship unfolded amidst an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The exceptionally prepared track and the radiant sun provided the perfect backdrop for a captivating spectacle that kept spectators on the edge of their seats.

After Semi Final 1 in Norway and Semi Final 2 in Slovakia, 18 young and talented riders from various corners of Europe gathered in Gorzów Wielkopolski to compete for glory and medals in the prestigious Under-19 European Speedway Championship.

Sunny weather enhanced the experience for spectators, who flocked to the stadium to witness the intense battles and thrilling manoeuvres of these young riders. Enthusiastic fans were amazed by the demonstration of high-speed actions and intense finishes, showcasing the dedication and perseverance of each participant.

After a series of captivating races, totalling 20 heats in all, the true champions took the spotlight. The competition was fierce, with every rider giving their all to secure victory. The culmination of skill and determination was evident when the winners and medallists of the Championship were finally determined.

After the top ten in 2022 season, this year Polish rider Wiktor Przyjemski became the new Champion. Silver medal for countryman Damian Ratajczak and bronze for 2022 Vice Champion Mathias Pollestad from Norway.

“We are proud to have been witnesses to such a fantastic display of sportsmanship and talent”, – said Maciej Polny, of Żuraw Club – “The dedication and passion of these young speedway riders are truly inspiring”.

The success of the event owes much to the hard work and commitment of the organizers. As the sun set on this remarkable day, the memory of these exciting races and spirited competition will continue to inspire both fans and participants alike.

Final – Top three

  1. Wiktor Przyjemski, POL
  2. Damian Ratajczak, POL
  3. Mathias Pollestad, NOR

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