European Trial Championship, Over 40 and Junior Cup at Isola 2000 (France)

Trial riders again on the go in the upcoming weekend. Two days of competitions – counting as number two and three of the 2018 FIM Europe Trial Championship – that will be held in the wonderful alpine scenario of Isola 2000, in France.
This small mountain village at 2000 mt of altitude has already hosted many important events concerning this sport – the latest was the Trial des Nations in 2016.
The organizers, the Moto Club Grasse, have the fortune to use almost all natural sections, having nearby huge rocks surrounded by pine trees, a very nice picture always appreciated by the spectators.
Isola 2000 is very close to Italian border, reachable through the Colle della Lombarda in Cuneo province. It is logic to expect many Italian fans coming to clap Italian riders, who are leading the two most blazoned classes.
Matteo Grattarola (Montesa) must defend his first place in the Europe class, after his dominating win in Castelloli in the first round. Grattarola is crossing a high performance period, as he leads World Trial 2 and Italian championship but he is just back from a bad race in the last World round in Portugal, where he gathered only the tenth place.
His rivals are ready to capitalize any false step he could move on. English Toby Martyn (Montesa), Dan and Jack Peace (Gas Gas) or Spanish Marcel Gabrielli and Francesc Moret (Montesa), Marc Riba (TRS) or Aniol Gelabert (Scorpa) are all valuable contenders.
A confirm of his unarguable skill is expected by Sergio Piardi (Beta), leader in Junior Cup.
But one of the main rivals is French Hugo Dufrese (Gas Gas) who belongs to the local club, so he will be supported by all local fans. Another strong French rider is Kieran Touly (Sherco) besides the strongest Nordic riders as Swedish Linus Almthen (Gas Gas, in the photo by are anyway ready to fight until the last breath.
In the Over 40 Cup German Markus Kipp (TRS) is defending his leadership by attacks that will be brought for sure by actual number two in the series, Italian Piero Sembenini (Montesa) and by number three, Dutch John Van Veelen (Gas Gas).

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